20 Questions To Ask On Dating Apps

20 Questions To Ask On Dating Apps

More and more people are meeting potential partners on dating apps. Among younger generations, it is probably the most popular way to find people to date so it’s likely not going away.

It can be challenging to really find out if someone you meet on a dating app is someone  you’ll get along with in real life though. Are they someone you want to spend time with? Will you vibe well? Are they a good person? 

You can get a good idea of these things if you ask the right questions. Questions that seem to have no purpose and just be fun can tell you a lot about a person. Maybe they tell you whether the person is more interested in a relationship or if they are just looking to have a casual one night stand. Questions can also tell you if someone is smart, funny, interesting, or ambitious.

Here are some ideas for questions you can ask someone on a dating app before you decide if you want to meet them in real life or not.

Basic Questions

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  1. What kind of work do you do? 
  2. What kind of work would you do if money weren’t a consideration?
  3. Do you have siblings? Are you close?
  4. Do you have pets? If yes, do you want more? If no, why not?
  5. What do you do in your spare time?

These kinds of questions can give you insight as to what their daily life is like. It can also let you know how ambitious they are and how important money is to them. These are important things to find out because you want to know if their values match your own.

Get Personal

  1. What are you afraid of?
  2. Who are you closest to in your family and why?
  3. What is your best quality?
  4. What would your friends say they like most about you?
  5. What are you most proud of?

When you ask these questions you’ll get some insight as to how they see themselves and how they fit into the world. When they answer, you’ll get a feel for how important they think they are and how much confidence they have in themselves.

Deep Thoughts

  1. Did you go to school? If not, why? If yes, where did you go?
    This question can tell you if they are lazy or entrepreneurial or love learning. By finding out what college they went to, you might also get some insight as to whether they are more of a party animal or a serious person.
  2. What is your motivation for getting out of bed every day?
    When you ask someone this question, you’re basically asking them what’s most important to them. Is it their friends, family, work or something else? Maybe they get out of bed each day just so they can see the sun rise!
  3. Who has inspired you most in life and why?
    The person who inspires someone is usually someone who has qualities that they would like to have or that they consider important. The answer to this question can give you important information about their values.
  4. What do you do when you’re not working?
    A person’s activities and hobbies that they do without any goal of making money tell you what they truly enjoy. They tell you what they like doing purely for the joy of it. These activities can let you know if they are a calm person who prefers quiet activities on their own or someone that thrives on being with other people.
  5. What’s a strange talent you have?
    This question isn’t so much about their talent as it is about how truthful they are willing to be. Everyone has something strange that they can do but not everyone is willing to share it. 
  6. What is something you’re very passionate about?
    When you meet someone on a dating app, they might not share their passions without being asked so give them the opportunity to talk about them. Once they start talking it might be hard to get them to move on but their passions can tell you what their values are and what guides their decisions.
  7. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and what would you do?
    Are they a person who is happiest doing simple things or do they want the night life and excitement? If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you’ll want to be sure that someone you meet on a dating app has similar outlooks on life to your own!
  8. When you have vacation time at work, what do you do with it?
    Some people want to take lavish vacations in foreign countries where they can learn about the work. Others want to spend time in nature where they can do lots of physical activity. Yet others just want to sit at home, relax and watch television. When it comes time to plan a vacation, are you going to want to do the same kinds of things?
  9. Who are you closest to outside of family members?
    It’s important that people have close relationships with others and if the person you’ve met on a dating app isn’t close to anyone, they may have issues with making connections, keeping friends, or even just being a friend. This is a red flag! 
  10. Why are you on this dating app?
    Ultimately, if you want to know if you are going to mesh well with someone you met on a dating app, this might be the most important question. Someone who is just looking for “something casual” is not going to be a good match for you if you’re hoping to meet someone you may want to marry some day. It’s better to find out from the beginning if the two of you don’t have the same relationship goals.

Written by Autumn Seave

Email: inkyblueallusions@shaw.ca