5 Signs Your Crush Is Into You, Too

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One of the hardest things in life to figure out is if someone has a crush on you. It’s especially difficult to determine when you like them already because sometimes you see signs just because you want to see them. Reading the cues can be very challenging.

If you can see the signs that your crush is into you, then you have to figure out what they are interested in. Are they looking for a relationship or are they just thinking you’d be fun to hook up with for a while? Are they looking into the future or do they only think as far as the next week or two?

The fact that a lot of communication these days takes place through texting and messaging and social media makes it even more difficult to determine. When you’re relaying on written messages and memes there can be a lot of confusion because much of it is left up to your interpretation.

If you have a crush on someone and you want to know if they are feeling the same way, here are 5 signs you can look for.

#1 Your Crush Won’t Make You Wait

If you like someone, you respond to their messages or texts quickly. You don’t make them wait. Like they say, if someone wants to talk to you, they will. If they don’t, they won’t. We’re not sure exactly who says that but surely someone does, because it’s very true!

A lot of texting or messaging apps will show  you when someone has seen your message. If someone sees your message and responds quickly, you can be pretty sure they are interested in you. They want to chat with you and they want to hear from you. But if they don’t, it’s possible that they aren’t feeling your vibes.

Sometimes people are just busy. They are at work or they are with someone they don’t want to think they are rude by using their phone around them. So, one slow response doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of interest. But if they respond slowly on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to try to get over your feelings for them.

#2 Your Crush Is Into You If They’ve Been Paying Attention

If you bring up something you know you’ve said in conversation in the past and they show they don’t really remember that you mentioned it before, they probably aren’t really that invested in you. Someone who likes you pays attention.

Your crush is into you if they remember things you’ve said. They have been listening and show that what you say matters to them. They’ve remembered things you told them because you are important to them so what you say is important, too. Someone who likes you will make an effort to retain the facets of your conversations.

It’s easy to forget things. It takes effort to remember them.

#3 Conversations With Your Crush Go Both Ways

When someone likes you, they guide the convesation as much as you do. It’s not just you trying to get a conversation going. You message them sometimes and they message you at other times. It’s not just you sending the messages and trying to get their attention.

If your crush likes you as much as you like them, they’ll reach out to you throughout the day. They’ll ask how your day was or they will send you a message to tell you about something that happened to them during the day. 

For some people, connecting with other people can be as simple as sending a meme that made them laugh or a TikTok or Reel that made them think of  you. These little things can mean a lot. They mean, “I don’t have time to have a full conversation right now but I saw this and it made me think of you and I wanted you to know.”

#4 You’ll Notice Them Mirroring You

Photo by Start Digital on Unsplash

Most people don’t do this consciously but that’s why it’s a good sign that your crush is into you. Mirroring is when someone matches your actions. If you touch your hair, they touch their hair. When you cross your legs, they cross your legs. It’s a person’s unconscious way of showing another person that they are alike.

Other ways people might mirror each other include matching tone of voice, facial expressions, and posture. 

People sometimes use mirroring in text, too. They might start using a phrase you use often or they could start using the same emojis. If you use GIFs to show what you’re thinking, they may start using them, too, even if they don’t normally use GIFs.

Finding and creating similarities build a feeling of trust and safety. If your crush is into you, they want you to feel comfortable with them so they’ll mirror you.

#5 They Pay You Compliments

When we are kids we learn that people who like us tease and are generally mean. This can mess with a lot of people so we don’t really recognize when someone likes us. If someone really likes you though, they aren’t going to insult you. Instead, they’ll pay you compliments. 

Someone who likes you as much as you like them will make sure you feel valuable and appreciated. They’ll tell you when they like what you say or do and they’ll make an effort to make you feel important to them.

Some compliments have to do with how you look but someone who is really into you will also compliment other attributes. They may tell you how impressed they are with how hard you work or they might let you know that they think you’re really kind for offering to help someone move.

If someone likes you, they are a fan of all of you, not just the visual appearance of you. They like talking to you, how they feel with you, and how other people feel when you’re around.

Written by Autumn Seave

Email: inkyblueallusions@shaw.ca