How To Get More Attention By Flirting With Your Eyes

eye flirting

Not all flirting has to be overt and obvious. In fact, sometimes you can get even better results with subtle flirting that leaves something to the imagination. If you want someone to think that the idea of getting together is all their idea, keep it simple.

Why do people flirt? It’s often to find out if someone is interested in them. They might just be looking for sex or they could look for a relationship, but flirting helps them decide whether to proceed or not. According to Insider, flirting is a “negotiation process”.

One of the most simple and subtle forms of flirtation is flirting with only your eyes. The eyes can say a lot. You can make sure the message gets across loud and clear or you can make them wonder if they are just imagining your interest.

Flirting with your eyes is also a safe way to find out if the person you like is interested in you. If they aren’t, you can always deny that you were flirting with them. But if they are, they will be hopeful and will return the flirtation. The door will be open and if they are feeling your vibes, they’ll walk right through.

If you know, you know.

But what if you don’t know how to flirt with your eyes and you want to learn? Practice these eye flirtation techniques. The better you get, the more results you’ll get!

Keep It Casual

If you want to show interest in someone but you’re not entirely sure if the interest is welcomed or not, start off with a very casual eye flirtation. This will avoid making them uncomfortable. Look at them a few times, stealing a glance in a calm and relaxed manner. If they catch you looking and keep looking again to see if the action gets repeated, they are likely trying to decide if you’re interested or just looking in their direction.

The first couple of times they catch you looking, look away. But the third time, hold their gaze. If they don’t look away, you’ve aroused their curiosity. The lines of communication have been opened!

Maintain Eye Contact

Continue to maintain eye contact periodically, even if you’re having a conversation with someone else. Don’t stare but do check to see if they keep eye contact with you more than once. The first time might just be curiosity. But if it happens a second or third time, there’s definitely some interest.

When you’ve managed to keep eye contact two or three times, it’s time to take it to the next level. You can’t keep this up all night long. That’s just creepy.

Scan And Return

Mix up prolonged eye contact with a scan and return routine. This is simple to do. Catch their eye, then look around the room and return your eyes to theirs. When you do this, you’re letting them know that you’ve looked at other people but they are the only one in the room who has really caught their attention.

You can even do the scan and return after you’ve already started a conversation with them. When you return their look, hold it and smile. It displays confidence and sets the mood for some serious future flirtation.

Combine Flirting With Your Eyes With Smiles

Photo by Peter Nguyen on Unsplash

When you make eye contact with someone, you can let them know what you’re thinking with a smile. Give them a shy smile if you want them to pursue you. Try a smirk that suggests you might be having sexy thoughts about them. Smile while biting your lip if you want them to be sure you have naughty things on your mind. If they smile back, they are feeling your vibes and it’s a sure sign to proceed.

Don’t Forget To Blink

Eye flirtation can easily cross a line between being sexy and fun and being downright weird and creepy. Make sure you remember to blink. Of course, blinking like you’ve got a bug in your eye is even worse than not blinking at all. Over-blinking will make you seem like a true psycho.

You could also try the slow blink. Look at them, then look slightly down and blink slowly and as you raise your lashes, look up at them again. Whether a guy or girl does this, it comes off as very sensual and sexy!

Watch to see if they match your blinking pace. They might not do it consciously, but if someone matches your actions, they are mirroring and they are totally into you!


Did you know there’s a secret triangle on the face that you can use to make flirting with your eyes even more effective? There is. Many people do this naturally but if you’ve never tried it, you have to give it a shot.

When you’re pretty sure the person you’re interested in is feeling your signals and returning them, use the triangle technique. Start by looking at their left eye, then turn your gaze to their mouth, and then move your eyes back to their right eye. Simple right? But very effective!

When you turn your gaze from their eyes to their lips, they’re going to know you’re thinking of kissing them. If they lick or bite their lips, they are saying, “Come and get it!”

The Wink

This method of flirting with your eyes can be very effective but it can also come across as weird so get comfortable with other eye flirtation methods first! The key to mastering the wink is to not take yourself too seriously! It’s about finding the right time so that it comes across as cute and sexy and not outwardly awkward.

A wink could be used if you say something that only the two of you would think is funny or if you make a comment that could mean something else. Most importantly, only use the wink after it has already been established that there’s something going on between you!

No matter what you do, if you’re trying to flirt with someone with your eyes, pay careful attention to how they respond. If they don’t return your gaze or hold eye contact, they aren’t into you. No amount of flirting is going to change that so just back off. Keep it subtle and watch for returned eye flirting!

Written by Autumn Seave