Kissing Secrets That Will Bring More Passion To Your Life

Kissing secrets

Kissing Secrets That Will Bring More Passion To Your Life

There is no doubt that kissing is one of the best parts of being in a relationship. But even if you’re not in a relationship, kissing can be a lot of fun! Did you know that some people can even orgasm from kissing alone? And apparently, men who kiss their spouses goodbye before going to work have higher incomes on average compared to those who don’t.

How do you become a kissing genius though? What makes a great kisser compared to someone who is only average?

Here are some kissing secrets that are sure to bring more passion to you life!

Really Want To Kiss The Person You’re Kissing

Don’t waste time kissing someone you’re not really into. It’s a sure way to be sure that neither of you are going to get much out of it. You won’t enjoy it and they will instinctively pick up that you just aren’t that into it. If you want to really enjoy kissing, make sure the person you’re kissing is someone that you’re really attracted to and that they are really into you, too.

Make Sure They Want To Be Kissed

It’s called consent and it’s important. It’s not hard to get consent for a kiss. It doesn’t have to be as awkward or weird as saying, “Do I have your consent to kiss you?” Instead try saying with a breathy voice, “I really want to kiss you,” or “I’ve been thinking of kissing you all night long.” If the person you’re with is into it, they’ll lean into you and smile and mostly likely say, “What are you waiting for then?”

Choose The Right Time And Place

There’s a time and a place for everything and that includes kissing. If you’re picking her up at work and standing in front of her co-workers, it’s very unlikely that she’ll appreciate being kissed at that moment or in that place. However, if you’re standing outside a restaurant with a light breeze in the air and some soft music playing on the speakers while  you’re holding hands, that might be a great time for a kiss that will beat all kisses!

Fresh Breath

No one wants to kiss someone that smells like something died in their mouth. If you’re planning on kissing someone and you want them to remember the kiss for how great it was, suck on a mint first. If you’re on a first date and you’re hoping for a sexy makeout session later, avoid the onions and garlic. Fresh and minty breath just makes a kiss even better.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say What You Like

If you’re making out with someone and they do something that make your insides feel like they’re melting, let them know. Tell them you want more. If there’s something you really like but they haven’t done it, set the tone by kissing them the way you want to be kissed. Guy or girl, you can take the lead if you’re not getting the kind of kissing that turns you on. Change direction or step back if it’s not going the way you want.

Take It Slow

There’s no need to rush into a kiss that’s more aggressive than it needs to be. Most people, both men and women, enjoy a nice slow make out session. Start slow and easy. Mix your kisses with sighs and moans and lots of caresses. It will heat up fast enough. But keep it slow as long as you can and it will be even more passionate when you do allow it to pick up speed.

Spread The Love

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Having a hard time keeping control and not rushing it. Spread those kisses around. The lips are not the only place you can kiss! Try kissing the neck, ears, cheeks, forehead, eyes, or shoulders. Not only does it feel good but when you go back to kissing on the mouth, it will be even more exciting. Give that passion space to grow!

Have Kissable Lips

No one wants to kiss sandpaper. If you want people to kiss you, or enjoy being kissed by you, make sure your lips are soft and supple. Even men can (and should) use chapstick to keep their lips soft. And a simple trick to getting rid of dry skin is to brush your lips when you brush your teeth. It gets rid of flaky skin and makes your lips soft. 

Use Your Hands

Not to kiss, but to make kissing even more passionate. Don’t grope. Touch. Caress. Tease. You can touch without being a perve. Run your fingers over the curve of their jaw. Let your fingers slide through their hair. Use your fingertips to tease their exposed skin – arms, back, thighs, neck, and other visible but sensual spots can make a slow kiss even sexier! You can even tug gently at their shirt or jacket to let them know just how excited the kiss is making you!

Follow The Cues

There’s a time for slow and easy and there’s a time for hot and heavy. Your kissing partner will give you cues to what they want. If they lean into you, grab your shirt, pull you closer, or kiss you harder, you know it is a good idea to pick up the pace. Try to match your vibe to theirs. If they pull back, slow down, or push against you, they want to slow it down. That doesn’t mean the make out session is over. It just means they want to take it easy for a bit.

Close Your Eyes When You’re Kissing!

There’s no scientific reason why you should close your eyes when you’re kissing someone. But really – kissing with your eyes open is just weird.  Close your eyes and block out the world and get lost in that kiss!

Written by Autumn Seave