Work Flirtations – How To Know Your Co-Worker Is Into You

Got your eye on one of your co-workers and want to start flirting? Let’s be real – most of us spend a good portion of our time at work and that’s where we tend to meet people we are interested in most often. In fact, 43% of people marry someone they met at work!

Not everyone is looking for a marriage partner though. Maybe you’re just looking for someone you can spend time with or maybe you just want someone to make the work day a little more interesting.

Whatever your reason for flirting at work are, you want to make sure the person you are flirting with is into you, too. Keep it consensual and avoid making things at work awkward and complicated.

So, how do you know if the person you like at your job is into you, too? How do you know if someone at your workplace is flirting with you and is safe to flirt with?

#1 Accidental Meetings

Even if you don’t work with each other directly, you seem to run into each other a lot. You see them in the hallways and they almost always take lunch and coffee breaks at the same time you do, so you’re always bumping into each other in the coffee room. If it’s happening more than once in a while, chances are, they are making an effort to be in the same spaces you’re in and they’re interested in you!

#2 Touching Encounters

When you’re together is there a lot of touching? Maybe they put their hand on your back to guide you through a doorway or they touch your arm as they laugh at your joke. When people like each other they tend to touch more often. It can seem casual, or even accidental, but if it is happening frequently, it’s likely very purposeful!

#3 Close Proximity

Whenever there’s a meeting, do they always manage to find a way to sit next to you? Perhaps when you’re standing in line at the coffee shop in the building, they often turn up right behind you, and they don’t make an effort to keep space between you. When someone likes you, you’ll know because they will make a point of standing just a little closer to you than is necessary.

#4 Flattery Gets You Everywhere

If you really want to know if that co-worker you’re interested in is into you, too, think about how much they compliment you. Are they first to tell you how smart you are? Do they compliment your choice in clothing? Do they tell you how funny you are? If they like you, there will be no end to the compliments. They’ll seek out opportunities to tell you how awesome they think you are!

#5 The Body Speaks Clearly

Flirty touching hair
Image by 7110427 from Pixabay

There is certain body language you can’t miss when someone you work with is into you. They will often use mirroring techniques to show their interest in you. They may not do it consciously but they will mimic your body movements. They may also do things like touch their face or hair, turn their body towards you, or make a lot of eye contact.

#6 Flirtatious Teasing At Work

If someone you work with teases you a lot, they are probably not doing it to embarrass you. They are teasing you to get your attention. Teasing, joking, and bantering back and forth is a comfortable way of creating a friendly atmosphere that lets someone know that they like them. This kind of behavior is not something that people engage in if they don’t like someone!

#7 Eyes Are A Window

If you want to know if you co-worker is into you, watch their eyes. Eye contact is encouraged in business because it builds trust but if someone really likes you, their eye contact usually lasts a little longer. Someone who is into you will combine eye contact with other signals like physical touch, smiling, and personal compliments. 

#8 Jokes Aside…

Whether you’re trying to be funny or not, a co-worker who is interested in you will laugh often but they’ll especially laugh when you make a joke. Even if other people don’t get your joke, they get you and they think you’re hilarious. They might try to make you laugh, too. If they often have funny stories to tell you or make a point of telling you jokes they know you’ll appreciate, they’re making an effort to be memorable and to keep your attention.

#9 Curiousity About Your Relationship Status

Do they make comments or ask questions about your relationship status? Maybe they say things like, “Did your girlfriend go with you?” or “Are you bringing your boyfriend to the staff party?” They are subtly but pointedly asking if you’re single. And if they want to know if you’re single, it’s likely because they are totally into you!

#10 They Remember Details

Someone who is flirting with you and wants to vibe with you will pay close attention to everything you say. They’ll remember what you do on weekends and they’ll even pay attention when you’re talking business. They are totally into everything you have to say and they’ll remember the details later. If they bring up things you’ve said in passing conversation, they are probably very interested in you.

#11 Socially Online

Did they send you a friend request on Facebook? Are they following your non-work related TikToks? Do they comment or like your posts? This isn’t necessarily a sign that they are into you but if they combine this with other flirtatious signs, it supports the idea that they could be engaging in a workplace flirtation with you. But if they start tagging you in memes or, better yet, sending them to you via private message, they are definitely flirt with you!

#12 Personal Sharing

If someone is flirting with you at work, they will often share bits of personal information with you. Not only will they talk about their personal likes and dislikes, but they’ll make it a point to let you know they are single and available for a workplace flirtation!

Written by Autumn Seave