Shower Sex: Making It Safe and Fun

Best Positions for Shower Sex

Shower sex is the fantasy of many people. It’s something we all have to do so why not do it together and have some fun at the same time? You know – get dirty while you’re getting clean!

Anyone who has tried to have shower sex knows that it isn’t as easy as porn makes it look though. There are all those slipper tiles, it’s a small space, and how do you get that to go there without drowning?

Before the Fun, Plan for Safety

No matter what kind of sex you’re having, you need to make sure everyone is safe. It’s hard to have a good time and even harder to have an orgasm when you’ve got a pulled hamstring!

Here are some important tips for safe shower sex:

  • Remember that shower sex doesn’t have to include penetration. If you’re having a hard time making all the bits and pieces fit together, take the pressure off and find something else to do.
  • If you’re going to have shower sex, you absolutely have to have something to prevent you from slipping. If you don’t have a standing shower with a textured bottom (like rock or something equally non-slippery) get a good shower mat or non-slip adhesive stickers for the bottom of the tub. If you’re worried that they look tacky, look for some of the newer styles that match the color of the tub and come in simple shapes, like circles.
  • If you’re going to have a lot of shower sex, put some bars in. When it comes to security, it’s nice to have something to hold on to besides the bar that holds the shower curtain. Those things aren’t meant to hold anyone’s weight. If you’re worried about someone saying something about bars in your shower, just tell them your mom might have to move in.
  • Get body safe soap. Not all soap should go inside the body and girls are not fond of having infections. Look for a soap that is approved by gynecologists.
  • Invest in some shower lube! Yes, you still need to use lube in the shower. Water might seem slippery but the truth is, it rinses away our natural lubrication.
  • If you like to play with toys, make sure they are waterproof. Not just water resistant, but waterproof. There’s a difference and you don’t want to find out what the difference is the hard way!
  • If you’re not having shower sex with someone you know very well and trust (i.e. you’re not in a committed relationship) you still need to have safe sex so that means using a condom. The water can make condoms slip off and break though so try putting it on while it’s still dry.

Now Have Fun with These Best Positions for Shower Sex

Now that you’re prepared to have safe shower sex, it’s time to talk about the fun part. What are the best positions for shower sex? A lot of that is going to depend on you and your partner. Height and flexibility are going to play a factor in figuring out which shower sex positions are best for you. 

Here are some top shower sex positions to try:

  1. Seated, woman on top: This position is ideal for anyone that has issues with balance or flexibility. It does require that there is space for you both to sit in the shower but if you have a large shower, it can be ideal. It’s also great if you have a shower with a built-in bench. Just take a seat, let the woman straddle the man, and enjoy the feel of the water on your bodies! If you don’t have a wide enough area for you to both sit or a built-in bench, you might want to consider a shower seat. They can be hidden away after the shower and they are often built to handle larger weights.
  2. Standing doggy style: While the woman bends over from the waist, the man bends and penetrates her from behind. Not only does this allow both of you to find something to grip, but it can reach some pleasurable erogenous zones for her.
  3. The wrap-around: In this position, the woman puts her back against the wall and wraps one of her legs around her partner’s hips. The man supports her by putting his arm through the crook of her leg. He can then penetrate her while they face each other.
  4. The hanging garden: This is a more adventurous version of the wrap-around. As before, the woman puts her back against the wall and wraps a leg around her partner. This time, she brings the other leg up as well so she’s suspended in the air.
  5. Oral sex: Don’t forget that sex is not always penetration. If you’re worried about falling or lack support to hang on to, stick to oral sex. Some people like to use a shower pillow to kneel on. Also, if you’re the one receiving the oral, make sure they aren’t getting too much water in their face!
  6. Sex toys: Who says only kids get to have tub toys? Many sex toys are waterproof and specifically made to be able to handle shower use. You can find vibrators, dildos, and other toys that can make the shower more fun. Look into wall suction toys and get creative!
  7. Removable shower head: If you don’t have a removable shower head are you even having great shower sex? A removable showerhead comes with multiple settings to control the flow of water. Direct it over her clit while you slide into her behind or send a light spray over his testicles while you’re working over his shaft. It’s amazing what a little well-directed water can do! But don’t spray water inside anywhere on him or her. This can be dangerous.

Shower sex can be a good time for everyone. Play safe, but have fun. And don’t be afraid to get a little creative while you’re in there. Remember, it’s all going to wash off anyway!

Written by Autumn Seave