Everything You Need To Know About Orgies

Everything You Need To Know About Orgies

Orgies can be a lot of fun but they aren’t for the vanilla and non-adventurous people. If you’re shy and inhibited, you might not enjoy going to an orgy.

An orgy is when multiple people gather for the purpose of sexual pleasure. It takes three people to have a threesome, and four people for a foursome, so the generally accepted minimum number for an orgy is five people or more. Some people say four people is enough to call it an orgy.

If you think this sounds like a lot of fun, keep reading because there’s so much more you need to know!

The Host Sets The Tone

Each orgy has a host. The host is the person who is setting up the orgy and they will set the tone for the day. They might set out rules (very likely if they’ve done this before) and they may or may not be participating themselves.

Often, hosts will not participate in the orgy. Instead, they will watch over the events taking place. This gives them the ability to make sure that everyone is behaving appropriately and that no one will get hurt or have their boundaries crossed.

If the host is taking part in the orgy, they often ask a friend or someone else they trust to watch over the party. They may even hire a security professional who has experience with sex parties like this.

The host will also determine how many people and which people will be allowed to attend.

The Number Of People Who Can Attend An Orgy May Be Limited

When there is an orgy, the host may limit the number of people who are allowed to attend. For this reason, the location of an orgy is often kept secret until right before the event. This prevents party crashers from showing up unannounced.

By limiting the number of people who are invited to come to the orgy, the host can be sure that things will not get out of hand. If there are too many people, there’s a greater chance that people who are not well-educated in orgy manners will show up and ruin the fun for everyone.

Some Common Locations For Orgies

Orgies and sex parties can take place at a variety of different places. Each type of location has a different vibe.

Most often, sex parties take place at individuals’ homes. These kinds of sex parties are usually smaller and more intimate. The people who attend usually already know each other quite well and have been at orgies with each other in the past. The know each other well, so they have mind-blowing sex together.

Private orgies like these are usually invitation only. In order to get invited to an orgy in a private home, you’ll have to be vetted very carefully. Usually, you’ll be checked out by multiple people within the group. Be prepared to share some private information about yourself, including your STI/STD status, where you have lived in the past, and your experience with orgies.

Sometimes, larger orgies are held in rented spaces that are closed to the public. Kink organizations might hold a large sex party at a hotel where a smaller hotel is completely booked or an entire floor of a larger hotel is booked. The elevator would be closed to anyone who is not invited to the party.

These larger sex parties may have minimal rules but they are often monitored just as carefully. People who attend are able to book a room. They can invite others back to their room for private and intimate encounters or they can leave the door open so others can join in or watch.

Manners At Orgies Are Everything

Manners At Orgies Are Everything

One of the most important things you need to understand about orgies is that they are not free-for-alls where anything goes. You must respect other people’s wishes and you must have consent!

A common phrase used in the kink community is “safe, sane, and consensual.”

Safe means that you are not putting yourself or anyone else in harm’s way. This can apply to physical or emotional safety. But it primarily refers to sexual safety. Be prepared to answer questions about your STI/STD status frankly and honestly.

Some people might ask for proof of your most recent STI/STD tests. You can keep a copy in your wallet or on your phone. If someone asks you for this information, you can choose not to provide it; however, remember that they can also choose not to participate in any sexual activities with you.

In the “safe, sane, consensual” credo, sane refers to someone’s state of mind. If someone at the party is obviously drunk or high, they are not “sane.” They aren’t likely to make the best choices.

And that’s where consent comes in. Remember that people who are drunk, high, or otherwise unable to make a good decision are not able to consent!

If you are at a sex party and you see a woman tied up on a bed with several men having sex with her, does that mean she’s consented for anyone to have sex with her? No, it doesn’t. She has consented for the men with her to have sex with her. You would need her explicit consent.

Just because someone is walking around naked, it doesn’t mean that they want anyone to make sexual advances or comments. It doesn’t mean they are open to having sex with anyone. It doesn’t mean they want a blowjob. Always ask first.

It’s A Tight Knit Group

People who are into orgies likely have their own group of people they like to have sex parties with. They have probably known them and trusted them for many years. And before they started going to orgies with them, they likely knew them on a non-sexual level.

In order to become trusted enough to be invited to an orgy, you will likely have to prove yourself first. You’ll have to spend time in non-sexual situations and show that you can be a trusted member of the community.

Single men are more rare in private groups but it is not impossible to get accepted by a group if you are single and male. If you have some special skills, it might increase your chance. But the thing that will increase your chances of being accepted into a group of people who will invite you to their orgies is to be patient and honest.

If you are married or in a relationship, you may be more likely to be included in an orgy. This is because there is often a lack of women and if a woman wants to go but she is married, they’ll usually accept both of you. What do you think? Is an orgy a great way to spice up your sex life?

Written by Autumn Seave

Email: inkyblueallusions@shaw.ca