Are Hotwifing and Cucklolding The Same Thing?

Are Hotwifing and Cucklolding The Same Thing?

There are many people who don’t fit the traditional relationship mold these days and for many couples, that’s a blessing. More couples are talking about alternative relationship styles and that makes it easier for people to create the kind of relationship that fits them best.

Two of the relationship styles that many are talking about these days are hotwifing and cuckolding. Many people use the two terms interchangeably but there are differences between the two.

If you’re curious about hotwifing and/or cuckolding, keep reading to learn what they are and what their differences are.

What Is Hotwifing?

A hotwife is a woman who is in a relationship but has sex with other men outside their marriage. She does so with the consent and approval of her partner.

A couple who has a hotwife relationship is committed to each other in all regards except sexually. He does not have sex with anyone outside the relationship usually unless they have some kind of arrangement.

The key behind a hotwife arrangement is that the husband in the relationship enjoys knowing that she is being sexually satisfied by other men, as well as by him. He likes to hear about her orgasms and her pleasure.

Hotwifing may take place along with cuckolding, but not always.

Sometimes, hotwife activities includes taking pictures of the activities. She (or her partner) will take pictures or videos and send them to her partner to enjoy later. She may show him later as she tells him about what happened or they may send the pictures or videos as the event is taking place so he can think about what she is doing at that very moment!

In some cases, the husband might like to watch. He might watch via live video or the wife might even have her other partner over to their house to have sex there. Some husbands like to pretend that the wife and her partner don’t know he is there; however, most alternative relationships like hotwifing are all about consent so watching without the couple knowing would be rare.

What Is Cuckolding?

Cuckolding is similar to hotwifing. In the case of cuckolding, the man in the relationship also consents to his wife having sex with other men. The difference is that in cuckolding, there is an element of humiliation and degradation.

When a husband gets aroused by knowing his wife is being pleased by another man and that the other man is doing a better job of satisfying her, it is called cuckolding.

Like with hotwifing, the wife might send her husband pictures or videos or he may be allowed to watch her having sex with another man. The difference between cuckolding and hotwifing is that when the husband is watching, he’s demeaned. He is told how much better the sex is, how much bigger the other man’s cock is, or how much more stamina the other man has.

Frequently, the wife in a cuckolding relationship has more control than the husband. She will often call the shots and determine who she is going to have sex with, when, and how often. She might even not allow her husband to have sex with her until after she’s been satisfied by someone else. And then, she’ll tell him how pathetic he is.

It’s important to remember that a cuckold likes to be demeaned and humiliated by his wife. He submits to her because he chooses to. There’s no element of abuse or ill will.

The Bull Is Important In Both Hotwifing and Cuckolding

The man who has sex with another man’s wife for the purpose of hotwifing or cuckolding is called a bull. He is often strong and sexually impressive. He has a lot of stamina and knows a great deal about pleasuring a woman.

Sometimes, the bull is often well-endowed. If size is important to the woman’s sexual satisfaction, this can be an important factor. If the husband is a cuckold, this is critical. The wife will make sure that her husband knows how big her bull’s cock was and will tell him that his small endowment couldn’t possibly measure up.

Much of the time, the hotwife or the wife of a cuckold will have sex with many bulls. But sometimes, she will form a relationship with one bull. This can serve the cuckold relationship very well because she can remind her husband that her bull not only satisfies her more in bed but intellectually and emotionally, too.

There may be jealousy on the husband’s part. However, this is part of the appeal of this kind of relationship. He likes being made to feel jealous!

How Can A Couple Interested In The Hotwife Or Cuckold Life Learn More?

If a couple is interested in learning more about the life of hotwifing or cuckolding, there’s a great deal of information available on the internet. One of the best ways to learn more though is simply by talking to other couples who live this kind of lifestyle.

FetLife is an excellent site for people who are interested in all kinds of alternative lifestyles. Not only can you meet and talk to people who are into cuckolding or hotwifing, but you can also find people who are ethically non-monogamous in other ways or are into BDSM.

There are groups and blogs on FetLife and you can become friends with people and take part in private messaging. If you want to meet people, you can say so in your profile. It’s the social media network for kinky people around the world!

Other places to find like-minded people include dating sites like SwingTown and OKCupid. On sites like these, you can put your interests in your profile so you can talk to other couples or individuals.

If you’re interested in cuckolding or hotwifing, keep learning. Meet people. And most importantly, talk to your partner about it! There are many ways to spice up your sex life and hotwifing or cuckolding may or may not be best for you. Communication is everything when you’re interested in alternative relationships.

Written by Autumn Seave