Dogging Is The Sexual Kink For Exhibitionists and Voyeurs


Do you like to watch people having sex or like being watched? Have a fantasy of having sex in a semi-public space and “accidentally” getting caught in the act? Then dogging is the sexual kink you need to know more about.

You might have heard of the term dogging when it was mentioned years ago in UK news stories. There was a bunch of people who were “caught” having sex in public and charges were laid.

Since then, people who are into dogging are a lot more careful. They are organized and take fewer risks. 

Is Dogging Illegal?

The technical answer is yes, dogging is against the law and if you get caught at it you go end up with some hefty fines. But if you don’t get caught…

In July of 2023, in the UK Cotswolds, legal authorities placed five cameras in a popular dogging spot. The idea was to catch people who showed up to be watched or watch others having sex so they could be charged. They want to discourage this sexual kink. 

If you want to avoid getting caught by the authorities and having to pay fines, you can be smart about it. By taking some simple precautions, you can make sure that only the people you want to be caught by are able to watch you.

Who Is Into Dogging?

There are many different kinds of people who get turned on by the idea of having sex in front of strangers or watching others have sex. Their age, gender, and socioeconomic status cover a wide array of characteristics. They may be young or old, rich or poor, men or women.

Finding these kinds of people isn’t as hard as you might think. There are websites and communities specific to the dogging lifestyle but you can also find people to share the kink with on forums like FetLife, where kinky people from all over the world meet to find other kinksters who share their fantasies.

One of the things that may don’t realize is that you don’t have to be part of a couple to share the dogging experience. Many singles are interested in dogging with complete strangers. They meet up and have stranger sex for the thrill of it.

Here are some tips for dogging if you’re just getting started and want to be safe and have some fun at the same time.

Best Practices for Beginning Doggers

It can be difficult to start a new kink when you know nothing about it. If you have people to ask questions, reliable sources of information, and a community, it makes it a lot easier. Check out these tips.

Talk With Other Doggers

Before you go off half-cocked and start having sex with your partner on a public street, you should talk to other doggers who know more about the area you live in or plan to go dogging in. Are there cameras in certain areas? Do the police patrol more often at specific times of the night?

You can meet other doggers in kink-related forums and on websites like FetLife. Sometimes you can find your fellow kinksters on chat groups. Believe it or not, Kik, is a chat applet that is still popular in the kink community. You can find groups where you can ask questions and get answers.

Don’t Go To The Same Spot

Going to the same spot is a great way for people to always be able to find you. But it’s a great way to be easily found, too – by the law! If you always use the same spot, someone is going to catch on eventually and it increases your chances of being found by the legal authorities. This is a good way to get a fine or even land in jail!

Door Open Or Closed?

If you’re having sex in your car so others can watch, you might think about leaving the door open so people can see easier. That’s a great idea but you should be aware that an open door has meaning.

In a dogging situation (and in other kink settings), an open door is an invitation for others to join in. If your door is open, you might find an extra set of hands on your body or inside you. If you’re open to that, by all means, leave the door open!

Practice Safe Sex

If you are dogging with strangers or leaving the door open for others to participate, make sure that safer sex is a priority. Always use condoms with anyone you can’t share STD/STI information with. Remember that even oral sex can transmit infections and diseases.

Have A Watcher Who Isn’t Watching You

A watcher can be a safer way to go dogging if you don’t want to get caught by the law. A watcher can keep an eye out for cameras placed by authorities, foot patrols, or vehicles that don’t belong.

You can also ask the watcher to look out for potentially dangerous individuals or people with cameras. One of the risks of dogging is that someone might take pictures or video and put it online. Taking videos and pictures without express permission is strongly against the dogging code of conduct, but that doesn’t mean people won’t try to do it!

Consent Matters – Use Safe Words

Some people forget that consent matters in all sexual situations, even in the kink world. Make sure that whatever you’re doing you have a safe word. If you’re engaging in rough sex in public (as many doggers do) or sex with multiple people, you need to have an out that you can easily put into place.

Dogging is not a free for all. You should be able to call it off any time you’re comfortable. If you are just getting started and suddenly decide that you don’t want to do it, you can stop. If the person you’re with decides they don’t want to engage in that kind of sex, they can stop. 

Consent should always be an important part of your sex life, whether it is kinky or not!

Written by Autumn Seave