11 Secrets To Selfies That Are Sure To Get Attention On Dating Apps

One of the best things you can do to get attention on dating apps is take great selfies that show you in your best light. According to Zoosk, “82% of singles say that photos are the first thing they notice in a dating profile.” You can use other types of photos, too, but selfies are the number one type of photos that people use on dating apps.

If you have one or two good selfies on your dating profile, they can get the attention of the people you want to connect with. They can show what you really look like and they can help you get more attention.

Here are 11secrets of taking the best selfies to get ultimate results from you dating app profile.

#1 Great Selfies Need A Great Light Source

One of the best sources of light for selfies for your dating profile is natural lighting. If it’s a sunny day, get outside and take a good picture. The light surrounds you and lights up your face. It’s best not to face the sun directly if you can’t manage to avoid squinting, but you don’t want the sun to be right behind you either. The best option is usually to have the sun to your left or your right and slightly behind you. That way you’re not squinting, but you’re not getting a weird sun halo either.

If you can’t take your dating app self outside, make sure you’re in a well lit room. Face the light source for the best results. You can even purchase a light specifically for taking pictures and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Try not to stand right under your lighting, because that can create shadows under your eyes.

#2 Think Of Something Funny

The best selfie pictures feature smiling people but it can be hard to create a natural looking smile when you’re taking a picture of yourself. Try thinking of something funny. You can even laugh to yourself. You’ll find that when you’re laughing, like someone said something funny, your selfies turn out great!

#3 Take Multiple Pictures

There’s a setting on your phone that lets you take multiple pictures, one right after the other. Use this to take multiple pictures, one right after the other. Change your poses, your expressions, and your smiles, to get different pictures. You’re not likely going to use every picture you take but after taking a lot of pictures, you’ll probably get at least a few that you like. You can delete the rest of them.

#4 Use Your Phone’s Timer

If you find that your hands shake too much when you’re trying to take a selfie for your dating app profile, use the timer on your phone. That gives you a chance to get in front of the camera, get the right pose and expression, and take a picture that’s not all blurry. You can set  your timer to snap the photo in a variety of timed sessions, so pick the one you’re most comfortable with.

#5 Think About Background

Have you ever seen those selfies on social media where there’s something bizarre or disgusting in the background? You don’t want a self like that on your dating profile, so be aware of what is in the background when you take pictures of yourself. Don’t take pictures in the bathroom, even if there’s good lighting. Make sure there’s not a mirror behind you that is showing off your messy bedroom or your kids walking around in a diaper. 

Make sure you take your pictures in a clean room with a simple background. A favorite picture on the wall or even a bare wall is ok. 

If you’re taking pictures outside, you can use the background of your photos to show your interests. You might take a selfie at a sporting event if you like sports (but make sure there’s not someone in the background making faces or something!). If you like the outdoors you can make trees or a lake your background image. 

#6 Avoid Group Selfies

It’s not that you don’t want to admit that you have friends, but on dating apps, the people looking at your pictures don’t care about your friends. They want to see pictures of you. So, even if you have some great pictures of yourself and your friend, skip those. Stick to solo selfies.

#7 Clean Your Camera Lens

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

If your camera lens is dirty, your pictures can come out looking smudged. Give your lens a wipe with a clean cloth before you take dating profile pictures.

#8 Add Props

Make your pictures more interesting my adding props. You can hold a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. If you work from home, pose in front of your laptop. You can even use your pet as a prop if they are willing to sit still for a minute or two.

#9 Practice Makes Perfect

No one starts off taking great selfies. It takes practice. Take lots of selfies and get to know your camera. Try different poses and smiles to see what you like best. Take pictures outside and inside. The more pictures you take, the more likely you are to find a setting and a pose that you like. If you like the results, other people likely will, too.

#10 Try Different Filters

There’s nothing wrong with using a filter as long as you’re not using a weird filter that makes you look like a puppy dog. Those kind of filters do nothing for you other than make you look like you don’t like what you look like! Filters that change the lighting and tone of selfies are fine though. Find a filter you like and then use it consistently. 

#11 Use A Photo Editor

There are loads of photo editors to choose from on the app stores and online. Find one that is easy to use. Once you know how to use a photo editor, you can do things like blur the background, put more focus on you, and create the ultimate photo for your dating app profile that will show you in your best light!

Written by Autumn Seave

Email: inkyblueallusions@shaw.ca