8 Signs You Might Be Dating A Fuckboy


So, you’ve been dating this guy for a while and something just doesn’t seem right. There’s nothing specifically that you’ve been able to say is wrong, but it seems like every other day you’re crying because of something he did or didn’t do. 

When you talk to him about it, he makes you feel like you’re imagining things or overreacting? But are you?

There’s a good chance you might be dating a fuckboy

What’s A Fuckboy?

Some say a fuckboy is just a guy that’s only after casual sex. That’s not a bad thing by itself. If he’s clear about what he’s looking for, there’s really nothing wrong with that.

A fuckboy takes it to a different level though. He doesn’t say he’s only looking for casual sex. He acts like he’s interested in a relationship. A fuckboy might even tell you that he is seeing other people but he makes you think you’re special somehow. 

“It’s not just sex for me,” he says. 

A fuckboy is dangerous because he makes you think one thing when his intentions are completely the opposite.

You Might Be Dating A Fuckboy If…

Are you beginning to suspect that the guy you’ve been dating is a fuckboy? Here are 8 ways to know for sure:

  1. You might be dating a fuckboy if he says he doesn’t want to put a label on your relationship. Labels don’t mean anything. They are confusing. What the two of you have is so special you don’t need to put a label on it. He has a million reasons for not using labels. When it comes right down to it though, he just doesn’t want you to ever feel completely secure in your relationship. The fuckboy doesn’t want anyone else to think he’s in a relationship.
  2. You might be dating a fuckboy if he insists on taking nudes of you and receiving them. He wouldn’t need them if he was into you for real. And the scary thing is that he likely has a secured folder on his phone where there are nudes of the other women he’s dated or is dating. He’s a collector. Nudes are proof of his manhood.
  3. You might be dating a fuckboy if he never shares anything he’s done with you. If he’s on social media (and he likely is because almost everything is all about him) you’ll never find a picture of you and him together. He might have pictures of other women but they are really only his friends. He won’t share pictures of people he’s fucking because he doesn’t want the women he’s sleeping with to think they are more important than they are.
  4. You might be dating a fuckboy if the majority of your conversations are about him. He’ll let you talk about your dreams and goals but he’ll start to get this glazed look in his eyes and eventually, the conversation will turn back to him. He is literally the most important person in his universe.
  5. You might be dating a fuckboy if he never apologizes. As far as he is concerned, he can’t do anything wrong. If you feel like he did, it’s your fault for feeling that way. If he feels like you really need an apology, it will be indirect. He’ll never say, “I’m sorry for my actions.” Instead, he’ll say, “I’m sorry that you felt that my actions were hurtful.” He doesn’t actually think he did anything wrong.
  6. You might be dating a fuckboy if he’s constantly on his phone. A fuckboy can’t be detached from the women he’s dating. He wants each of them to feel important so he answers messages immediately – even when he’s with you. If you ask him who he’s texting, he’ll tell you it’s work or a friend or a family member. Don’t even think about asking to look at his phone. You’ll be shamed for not trusting him.
  7. You might be dating a fuckboy if you’ve heard stories about him. Chances are, someone warned you off him. You blew it off though because he’s so nice. He doesn’t seem like that. If you ask him about that, he’ll be able to rationalize his behavior in all of those stories. It’s probably not the last story you’ll hear about him either.
  8. You might be dating a fuckboy if he can’t make plans ahead of time. Want to go to a concert with him? He’ll have to let you know closer to the date. Why? Something better might come up. Want him to come to meet your family? LOL. You’re dreaming on that one, but he won’t directly say no. He’ll say he might have a work thing that weekend and he’ll get back to you. He never makes plans more than a day or two in advance. But he’ll expect you to jump when he calls you.

Fuckboys are really just little boys dressed in a man’s clothing. They think they are living their best life but in the end, they are not able to be genuine and real with anyone, least of all themselves. 

If you feel like your feelings and concerns are constantly being blown off and minimized…you might be dating a fuckboy.

Written by Autumn Seave

Email: inkyblueallusions@shaw.ca