For the Guys: Master Bedroom Eyes for Results You Want!

Bedroom Eyes

If you ask any woman what really makes her want to sleep with a man, you’ll get a lot of different answers. It might be his moves or it could be his killer body. But more often than not, it’s the way he looks at her. 

A man who knows how to seduce a woman with his eyes has mastered the art of bedroom eyes. The beautiful thing about this look is that it isn’t something that can be described easily. Because of that, bedroom eyes can be used anywhere and at any time and you can completely feign innocence if anyone calls you on it.

What are Bedroom Eyes?

When a man uses bedroom eyes, it lets the person he is looking at know he’s thinking about them in a sensual manner. He’s thinking about touching them, making them moan, and bringing them pleasure.

Bedroom eyes are often characterized by a heavy-lidded look. Their eyelids are slightly lowered. He might look at the object of his desire with a slightly lowered head and glance at her from beneath his lashes, then look away.

His face has a dreamy expression. He appears to be lost in his thoughts but when she catches him watching her he smiles bashfully.

8 Ways to Use Bedroom Eyes

The key to effectively using bedroom eyes to get a woman aroused is to not look like you’re trying to arouse her. If you’re too obvious and she knows what you’re thinking, she may consider it to be creepy. 

Subtlety is everything!

Here are 8 techniques to use bedroom eyes and get the woman you want to think the same thing you’re thinking:

  1. Lower your eyelids just a touch and lower your head. When she turns in your direction, look down, as if you don’t want her to know what you’re thinking. Then quickly look up again and catch her eye. Give her the slightest smile and then look away.
  2. Try not to picture doing dirty things to her. Instead, think of watching her please herself. Imagine that you’ve just walked in on her pleasuring herself. Her eyes are closed and she has no idea you’ve seen her. Then force yourself not to watch. Just listen. The important thing to remember here is that it is about desire but it’s also about her pleasure and you can’t touch until you’ve been invited!
  3. Never maintain the bedroom eyes glance for long periods of time. Anything more than a few seconds is going to come across as weird and stalker-ish. Especially if you’re somewhere out in public!
  4. If you already know her and are already in an intimate relationship with her, you can use the bedroom eyes at home. Let her catch you looking at her when she’s doing something totally normal like reading a book or doing dishes. Give her the bedroom eyes look and then sigh, as if you know now is not the time to make a move. Lick your lips and then leave the room. Chances are, she’s going to pick up on your vibes and forget all about what she was doing.
  5. If you’re trying to get inside the head of someone you haven’t met yet or have just met, be cautious with the bedroom eyes looks. You don’t want her to think you’re the kind of guy who immediately imagines her naked (even if you have!). Try holding her gaze just a touch longer than what is socially acceptable. 
  6. Let her catch you looking when you’re talking to someone else. It’s exciting to know that even though you’re talking to your buddy about cars, you can’t resist sneaking a peek at her to see if she’s looking at you!
  7. When you’re talking to her, cock your head slightly to the left or right, as if you had a sudden thought about her. Stop talking mid-sentence, just for a brief moment, like you had a thought that surprised you. Then continue. 
  8. Learn how to dilate your pupils. Dilated pupils indicate pleasure and attraction. It takes practice but you can learn to do it on command. It’s as simple as focusing on something pleasurable. It might be her (and hopefully, it is) but it can be a sunny day, your car, or anything. Practice at home and when you learn to master this, you’ll be able to give her bedroom eyes without doing anything else and she’ll have no idea why she feels so attracted to you.

What If She Calls You Out?

Some women are going to know exactly what you’re doing, especially at the beginning when you are just learning to use bedroom eyes. That’s not the worst thing in the world. In fact, it can be good because it takes the conversation in the right direction.

If she asks you what you are doing or why you’re looking at her “like that,” keep it playful and fun. You don’t have to come right out and say, “I’m trying to turn you on.”

Instead, if she says, “What is up with that look?” ask her what look she’s referring to. She’s probably going to laugh and be a little nervous because she may think she’s imagining it. Don’t deny it, though.

Ask her if she can show you how you were looking at her. She’ll either try to imitate you or she’ll say she can’t do it.

The important thing is that it opens up the conversation. You can say something like, “I didn’t realize my feelings were so transparent.”

If you’ve been doing a good job with the bedroom eyes, there’s a good chance that the conversation will go well. If you’ve just met, you could get her phone number or ask her on a date. If you’re already in an intimate relationship with her, you can tell her that you can’t help thinking about her and either lead her into some sexy times or into a situation where you can have some intimate fun.

Written by Autumn Seave