How To Seduce a Woman Without Freaking Her Out

How To Seduce a Woman Without Freaking Her Out

A lot of men think they are being seductive but they are just plain creepy. This is why so many of them are unsuccessful. They use techniques that are too obvious and presumptuous and it sends women running for the hills.

If you want to learn how to successfully seduce a woman and make her fall for you, it’s important to understand that the key is subtlety.

Being Subtle Doesn’t Mean Being Fake

If you’re going to seduce a woman, make sure you’re doing it because you truly want to be with her. You don’t have to want to marry her just because you want to have sex with her, but be genuine. Don’t be a fake who is just seducing women to put notches on their belts.

Women can smell that bullshit a mile away. And if they don’t, they’ll hate themselves for it. Do you really want women to hate you after they have had sex with you?

Start Your Seduction Before You’re In the Bedroom

Guys often forget that seduction starts long before you get to the bedroom, even if it only takes a few hours to go from the beginning of seduction to getting horizontal. You need to do the prep work at the beginning of your seduction. 

Remember that seduction is not just about getting a woman into bed. Any fool can get a woman to sleep with him if he says the right things and is deceptive. A seduction is about the slow buildup of curiosity, desire, and fulfillment of a desire that leaves both of you happy and satisfied.

That’s why your seduction needs to begin long before you actually do the deed. If you want to seduce a woman into your bed, you want her to be thrilled with the outcome. You don’t want to leave thinking, “What the hell have I done?”

If you want a subtle seduction, these things need to come first:

  • Conversation. If your seduction doesn’t start here, it’s also not likely going to go any further than this. Begin your seduction by showing a genuine interest in her. Ask her questions and then listen when she talks.
  • Be vulnerable. When she asks you questions, don’t be elusive. Let yourself be open to her. Share your feelings and don’t be afraid to admit to being hurt, being disappointed, and generally, just being a real person.
  • Just be you. Don’t be a fake poser who tries to be the thing that they think women want. Women really don’t like it when someone assumes they know what kind of man they want. Every woman is different, so just be yourself.
  • Unless you’re an asshole. Don’t be an asshole.
  • Laugh and make her laugh. Women like to laugh. There are many women who believe that humor is an aphrodisiac. If you can make them giggle and have a good time, they are much more likely to want to be around you in general, but they are also more likely to want to have sex with you.
  • Be complimentary – but don’t go overboard. If you like her perfume, tell her. But don’t make a big deal out of it if you couldn’t care less either way. There must be something you like about her if you want to seduce her, so tell her what it is!

The Seduction Doesn’t End Once She Goes Home With You

You might feel like you’ve done all you need to do if she’s decided to go home with you or if she’s invited you to come home with her. Maybe she’s already decided to sleep with you. But if you end your seduction now, she might change her mind by the time you want to get naked.

Keep the subtle seduction going by trying these things:

  • Don’t rush her, but keep things moving forward. Get comfortable in a common area. Talk more. Touch. Maybe kiss. Go slow enough to keep her wanting more.
  • Let the conversation become more intimate. Ask her questions and make sure you maintain eye contact. This might be a good time, to be honest with her about what you’re looking for. Despite what a lot of men think, women like honesty. Telling her that you’re not looking for a relationship right now is not a sure way of blowing your seduction. These days, lots of women are totally cool with that.
  • Watch for her body language and respond to them. If she starts to move closer, that’s a signal that she wants more. Maybe take her hand or touch her shoulder.
  • Put on some sexy music. Don’t play it too loud and don’t be too obvious, but find some sensual music to set the mood.
  • Offer her a drink. Make sure there’s a selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If she chooses wine or something else with alcohol, don’t try to get her drunk. Getting a woman drunk is not seduction.
  • Don’t let the non-bedroom activities go on all night long. She knows why she is there. Move it to the bedroom in a reasonable amount of time. Watch for signs that she’s starting to get bored or antsy.
  • That’s when it is time, to be honest and take the lead. Ask her directly if she wants to move to the bedroom. If you’ve been doing all the right things, she’ll say yes!

The Seduction Doesn’t End When Sex Begins!

Once you move to the bedroom, keep the seduction up. Make it all about her. Lots of slow touching, kissing, and hugging can set her at ease, but get her ready for more. Unless she asks for it, she’ll appreciate it if you go slow.

In fact, getting her to ask for more is a great sign that you’ve performed the perfect seduction. You’ve created a situation where she’s all in and she’s ready to have a good time. You haven’t rushed her, and she’s going to leave happy and sure that she got exactly what she wanted.

Written by Autumn Seave