Subtle Seduction: Arouse Her Without Her Realizing It!

Subtle Seduction

Some men think seduction is easy. These men are obvious. A woman knows what they are up to instantly. And a lot of the time, they will walk away.

However, true seduction is so subtle that a woman has no idea why she is suddenly so aroused. She can’t take her eyes off him. His voice makes her quiver. She wants more of him but she can’t give a particular reason for it.

This is subtle seduction and it is very effective!

If you want to arouse a woman but don’t want her to know what you’re up to, try these tips!

Play the Long Game

Don’t worry about getting results right this minute. Be patient. If you’re on a date, start laying the groundwork early on but know that you won’t look for the big bang until much later in the evening. Don’t even try any big moves for most of the night.

You can play an even longer game by doing little things over days or even weeks if you can hold out that long. If you can wait, after she’s had you in her head for a longer period of time, her arousal will be so high by the time you make a move that she’ll be like a ticking time bomb, ready to go off in an instant.

Hold Her Gaze

Eye contact is an underestimated form of arousal. When she talks, make sure that your eyes never leave hers. You don’t have to give her dopey love sick eyes. Just make eye contact when she talks. Add a smile and some facial expressions and she’ll melt right in front of you.

Casual Touches

You don’t have to touch her somewhere intimate to get her turned on. In fact, casual touches are much more effective. Let your knees touch briefly under the table. Take them away. Then do it again. Take them away. And then the third time, when your knees touch, keep contact. She’ll feel the fire between you!

You can use the same method of touch with other parts of the body, too. Arms brushing up against each other, hands touching thighs, and even shoulders bumping into each other can be sexy.

Do Breath Work

No, this isn’t referring to a relaxation technique. This is the simple act of being close enough for her to feel your breath on her skin.

Don’t pant on her. Just breathe normally. If you reach across her for something, let her feel your breath on her arm or the back of her neck. Reach over to brush her hair away from her face and caress her shoulder with your breath. Be subtle.

If you’re going to use this technique make sure you have fresh breath! Toothpaste and breath mints are your friends!

Build an Experience

If you really want to turn a woman on show her that you’ve been listening to her. Find out what she likes, what she dreams about, and what makes her happy. It’s important to listen to what she’s saying.

Once you’ve had a few conversations and you think you understand what she likes, build an entire experience around that. 

If she mentioned that she’s always wanted to travel to Thailand, take her to a Thai restaurant with authentic food. Look for a place that is genuinely Thai; perhaps a restaurant that is Thai owned instead of a chain restaurant. Bring her some jewelry made in Thailand or some other small gift.

You could take it even further by learning to cook a Thai meal and prepare it for her in your home. Add some Thai-based decorations and make it an evening.

This is just an example but you can apply this to almost anything she’s passionate about. Take what she loves and create an entire experience around it.

Get In with Her Friends

This is probably one of the biggest ways to win your way into a woman’s heart and her bed. If her friends don’t like you, you’re never going to get anywhere. 

Her friends are going to be very protective of her so winning them over might be harder than winning her over. Find out what their concerns are and show them you are not like that guy that took her to bed and then ghosted her. 

Let them ask you questions. Don’t ever lie to them because they will find out. And remember, they have already totally stalked your social media accounts so if you’ve ever put something out there, they already know about it!

Give Her Time

One of the best ways to turn a woman off is to rush her into something she’s not sure about. Don’t put the pressure on or she’ll run cold. Make sure she knows that she runs the whole show and she can back up any time she wants.

There’s nothing wrong with telling her exactly how you feel once in a while but don’t tell her constantly. It comes off as begging and will make her feel pressured. If she’s not ready to make that next step, she’ll completely back off.

Watch for Cues

Many women will never come right out and say, “Let’s have sex!” That is not to say that some won’t but many women don’t want to ask for it.

You need to watch for her cues so you need to know when to ask for consent.

What kind of cues do women give when they are ready to take it to the next level? It varies but some of the things you can watch for include:

  • More touching
  • Leaning closer to you
  • More laughter
  • The use of innuendo
  • Finding excuses to be alone with you
  • Longer, deeper kisses
  • Pressing against you

If she starts doing some of these things, you don’t necessarily have to ask, “Do you want to have sex?” right away. You do need consent but it doesn’t have to be quiete so specific. Just watch and react. Plus, extended flirtation is really hot! When you think she can’t stand it anymore, casually say something like, “Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?”

Her response will let you know if you should move on to getting consent.

Written by Autumn Seave