The Perks of Dating A Woman Who Swallows (Besides The Obvious!)

Woman Who Swallows

Finding a girl that willingly gives blowjobs is awesome but finding a girl that swallows, too? For some guys, that’s a gold mine!

It might seem like you’re lucky enough to find a woman who loves sucking cock and will swallow when you come but there are a lot of other perks to a woman like her. The fact that she swallows without turning it into a dramatic event tells you a lot about her.

Think about these bonuses and tell us if you’d love to meet a woman like this!

#1 She’s Super Secure About Herself

Chances are, if your girlfriend will swallow when you come, she does it because she wants to. And she doesn’t care what other people think about her.

A woman who swallows knows who she is. She knows what she likes and she doesn’t really care who knows if she swallows. She’s probably had boyfriends in the past who bragged about her oral skills and told their friends that she swallowed.

If she’s comfortable with swallowing your load, she’s likely to be pretty chill. She is at ease in her body and in her actions. What other people think doesn’t affect her choices in life. When you have a woman like this, you’ll be in awe of her confidence.

#2 She’s Open Minded

If she swallows, she’s likely not bothered by ick factors that freak other women out. She’s probably pretty willing to try new things. She’s more interested in having fun in bed than in keeping sex tidy and unmessy.

If the sheets get covered in lube, it’s not a big deal. She’ll just wash them later. If you come outside her body, she’ll just spread it around. And if you want to explore alternative types of sex, like anal, she’s not going to run away and hide.

A girl who swallows isn’t going to be afraid of getting a little bit freaky from time to time!

#3 She’s Not Purely A Taker

There are givers and takers in bed and a girl who swallows is at least partially a giver. That’s not to say that she’s not happy to have you lavish her body with attention, too; however, she’s not afraid to make you the center of attention and make you the ringmaster.

When you date a girl that swallows be prepared to let her take control. She likes it when you submit to her desires. She’s not likely going to flog you (although she might if you ask her nicely) but she will enjoy dragging out your pleasure before she makes you come!

#4 She’s Not Going To Freak Out About Your Fantasies

Even if she’s not totally sure that she wants to fulfill all of them, she won’t run crying from the room if you suggest a threesome. She’ll listen to your fantasies and talk about them with you. She might go for it or she could potentially suggest something that comes close.

Keep in mind, she probably has a few fantasies of her own. Be prepared to give her the same open-minded consideration.

#5 She’s Authentically Attracted To You

If she swallows, she’s not just putting on a show. She’s genuinely turned on by your body and your mind and she wants to show it. And if you genuinely turn her on, that means she’s not faking excitement or orgasms.

When a woman is turned on by you, she’ll want to get intimate with you more often. She’ll be invested in your sex life and she’ll work to make sure it stays interesting and fun.

#6 She Trusts You

Girls won’t swallow with guys they don’t trust. If she thinks you’re seeing other women or if she suspects you of cheating, she’s definitely not going to swallow. If you were having sex with other women, it’s a potential health risk.

The girlfriend who swallows when you come knows that you aren’t sneaking around and you’re not putting her at risk for a sexually transmitted disease. Don’t blow it. Well, blow your load, but don’t blow her trust!

Women who swallow are not sluts or cheap or easy. They are women who have put their trust in you and want to have a close and intimate relationship with you. She’s the kind of woman that you want to keep around for the long term. After she swallows your load, she’ll treat you right, be loyal to you, and help you build a life together.

Written by Autumn Seave