The Uncircumcised Penis: Is It Really That Different From a Circumcised Penis?

The Uncircumcised Penis: Is It Really That Different From a Circumcised Penis?

At one time, the uncircumcised penis was something to be avoided at all costs. During a time when most men were circumcised as babies, an uncircumcised penis was rare. Because it was rare, women didn’t know much about them.

There was the assumption that because there was a lot of loose skin, it much be dirty. How would you even keep it clean? People talked about a smell and “smegma.”

Of course, as more and more mothers chose not to circumcise their boy babies without a good reason, it has become more common for men to be uncircumcised. Yet, there’s still a lot of confusion.

What’s the Difference?

Let’s start by talking about the differences between a circumcised penis and an uncircumcised penis. You might be surprised to find that the differences are very minimal.

As far as functionality goes, there are not any serious differences.

Visually, there are some differences. The main differences can be seen when the penis is not hard. A circumcised penis shows the glans and the urethral opening. An uncircumcised penis will conceal it. The uncircumcised penis has a softer look when it is not erect.

Are Uncircumcised Penises Really Less Clean?

The cleanliness of the uncircumcised penis is one of the biggest concerns but also a big myth. How clean any penis is depends on the person who owns it. 

While smegma is a real thing (it’s an odorless, creamy-like substance that can form under the foreskin), it isn’t dangerous. If the person who owns the penis washes daily and rinses regularly, it can easily be avoided.

Someone with an uncircumcised penis is not any more likely to be dirty than someone who is circumcised. The cleanliness of any penis just depends on how often and how carefully it is washed.

Does Being Circumcised Make Men Less Sensitive?

Over the years, men have talked a lot about penis sensitivity. There has been a fair amount of conversation around the possibility that being circumcised decreases sensitivity.

Some research studies have provided results that support this theory. The idea is that a circumcision removes nerve endings, thus decreasing sensitivity. 

One study in 2007 said that the glans of the circumcised penis were less sensitive to light touches than the glans of an uncircumcised penis. Some sexual health professionals believe that the absence of the foreskin minimizes friction, which can result in less feeling for both the person with the penis and their partner. They believe the presence of foreskin can increase clitoral stimulation.

Ultimately, the sensitivity of the penis varies greatly between penises and circumcision doesn’t appear to be a major factor. It may be a small contributing factor but there are other things that can make it sensitive or less sensitive.

What About STIs/STDs?

There has been some evidence that being circumcised gives some protection against some sexually transmitted diseases. Men who are uncircumcised do have an increased chance of carrying an STI. The risk variance is minimal though.

So, is this a reason to avoid having sex with uncircumcised men? Absolutely not. If you choose to have sex with multiple partners and your partners are having sex with multiple partners, condoms are still your best bet to avoid infections and diseases. Whether a man is circumcised or not does not affect how well condoms will work for him!

What About Size?

Some people assume that since some of the skin is cut away in a circumcision, the uncircumcised penis would be bigger. At the very least it should have more girth, right?

When the uncircumcised penis is soft, it might look like there is more bulk to it. Once it is hard though, there’s really no difference. The skin that is around the glans completely retracts making the thickness of the penis the same, with or without the foreskin.

The size of the penis is based on the amount of blood that flows to the tissues and genetics.

Should An Adult Male Get A Circumcision?

Some men may want to get a circumcision for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, the risks outweigh any benefits. There can be serious complications with an adult circumcision,

Adult males who get circumcised may have problems getting the foreskin to reattach properly. This is a serious situation that can cause complications for the rest of his life.

Other complications include infections and excessive bleeding. After a circumcision as an adult, a man may also experience extended healing of the wound.

Most doctors will not recommend a circumcision when a man is an adult. Some of the few situations, when a circumcision is recommended, include:

  • If the man has excessive infections or urinary tract infections
  • If the man has problems with certain sexually transmitted infections
  • If the man is at risk of penile cancer.

For an adult male, the healing time after a circumcision can take as long as three weeks. He may have to refrain from sexual activities for as long as six weeks.

Does It Make Any Difference In A Woman’s Pleasure?

Everyone will have their preferences. Some women prefer big penises while others are quite happy with average or even below average. There are women who like circumcised penises for the aesthetic appeal and others who just don’t care. 

When it comes right down to it, if you have a preference for circumcised penises and you have a partner who is uncircumcised, you are going to have to understand that it’s mostly in your head. It’s up to you if you want to get past it or not.

For women who don’t have a preference for circumcised or uncircumcised penises, they usually say that it doesn’t make a difference in their sexual pleasure at all. Ultimately, it’s what the man does with his equipment that matters. A little extra skin doesn’t affect how he moves, his rhythm, or how slow or fast he can thrust. 

Sexual pleasure is truly an emotional thing for most women and it is the man that is attached to the penis that makes the biggest difference in sexual pleasure. If he gives her what she needs in bed, if he treats her well outside of bed, and if he has love and respect for her, sex can be great.

Written by Autumn Seave