You Might Be a Cuckold If The Idea of Your Wife With Another Man Gets You Off

You Might Be a Cuckold If The Idea of Your Wife With Another Man Gets You Off

There was a time when being called cuckold was an insult. In some circles, it might still be an insult but in our time, people are realizing that there’s a massive range of fantasies out there, including cuckolding. 

If everyone consents, it’s a perfectly viable fantasy and it could become a reality – if you choose to make it a reality. Cuckolding can be a healthy part of a relationship.

What Is A Cuckold?

A cuckold is a man who enjoys thinking about his wife (or girlfriend) having sex with another man. He might even enjoy watching her have sex with another man. More importantly, he enjoys knowing that another man is bringing her more satisfaction or has a bigger cock than he does. 

Some people use the terms cuckolding and hotwifing interchangeably. Others differentiate between the two by specifying that the cuckold likes to be humiliated but the husband of a hotwife just enjoys knowing that she’s having sex with other men and enjoys it. 

The husband is the cuck. The man who is having sex with his wife is the bull. The bull may or may not allow the husband to watch. But the wife will always make sure the husband knows how much pleasure her bull gives her, how he’s much better in bed than her husband, and how much he gets her off.

Is It Cheating?

Being in a cuckold relationship isn’t the same as cheating. Cheating is when you sneak around behind your partner’s back to have sex (or sometimes just a relationship) with another partner. 

If you’re a cuckold, your partner has your consent. You have their consent to enter into this kind of relationship. You’re grown adults who are willingly and knowingly in a relationship that involves her having sex with other men.

Is Cuckolding The Same As Voyeurism and Exhibitionism?

It can be the same. For some couples, part of the appeal of cuckolding is knowing that the husband is watching his wife have sex with another man. He likes watching. She likes being watched. Her bull consents and enjoys the husband watching.

This isn’t always the case. Some cuckolds don’t need to watch. Some wives don’t want their husbands to watch. When they don’t watch though, the wives tell their husbands about what happened. She tells him how well-endowed her bull was and how much more exciting that was than his average (or less than average) cock. The wife will often tell her husband how many times she came and how much more she liked it compared to sex with him.

What Should You Do If You Want To Try Cuckolding?

So, you’ve gotten this far and you’re still thinking, “Hell, ya! I want to try this!” Now what?

#1 Talk About It

The first thing you need to do is talk to your wife about it. How does she feel? Does it freak her out? Is she curious? Is she ready to go find a bull? 

Besides finding out how your wife feels about it, you have to consider the many possibilities of making this a reality. She could feel guilt about sleeping with another man. You could (and probably will at least to some extent) feel jealousy. One of you might love it while the other hates it.

The big question is, are you going to be able to communicate your feelings about it so that it doesn’t ruin your relationship or will becoming a cuckold spice up your marriage? If you currently have issues with communicating, this is not the time to make a cuckold fantasy a reality. Put it on hold and keep it a fantasy until you are both able to communicate about even the hardest topics.

Making a fantasy a reality can often cause difficulties in a relationship if couples are not already good communicators.

#2 Learn About The Cuckold Lifestyle

Before you take the big step of looking for the right bull to make cuckolding a reality for you, it’s important to learn as much as possible. One of the most obvious ways to do this is to talk to other couples who are into cuckolding.

Many couples like to start online. There are websites where you can find articles but there are also online communities where you can talk to people online.

One of the most popular fetish communities is FetLife. This website has a wide range of people who have a variety of different kinks, including cuckolding. Make friends, join groups, and ask questions.

When you’ve gotten comfortable with the online community, consider meeting some people in real life. Through FetLife, you can find get togethers that range from casual public meetings to private parties where you can meet potential partners.

#3 Look For Your First Bull

Through FetLife and real life meetings, you’ll meet a lot of people involved in the cuckolding lifestyle. You might meet a bull that both of you like. Or you might meet a couple who can recommend a bull to get you started.

Most importantly, this man must be someone your wife likes. She has to be comfortable with him and she absolutely must find him sex as hell. 

He should be someone who is equally attracted to your wife.

You should negotiate separately from the first sexual encounter. Let your wife lead. This is just as much about her as it is about you. And she’s the one who will be having sex with him.

Some things to talk about include:

  • Will you be there to watch or not?
  • What kind of sex is allowed? Is there anything that is taboo?
  • Have a safe word if there’s any kind of rough play involved. If any one person needs everything to stop, they should know that they can make that choice.

Remember to communicate! Talk about it before, during (if you are both present), and after. Discuss how it made you feel. And always make sure there is complete and total consent!

Written by Autumn Seave