9 Places You’re Sure To Meet Eligible Men

eligible men

What is an eligible man? The truth is, that the definition of an eligible man varies widely between women. Every woman has different needs and desires in their life. They find different things attractive in a man on a physical level.

That means the first thing you need to do to figure out where you can meet eligible men is decide what you’re looking for! And none of them are dating apps (although for many people, dating apps work!).

Know Yourself Before You Start Looking For Eligible Men

Before you even think about finding places where you can meet a man who is eligible, you need to know yourself. If you know who you are, you’ll know what makes a man eligible to you. One man may be very desirable to one woman but completely unattractive to another woman.

What are you looking for in a relationship? Are you looking for someone to marry or have a long-term relationship with? Or are you just looking for a man you can have a good time with, and go out with, but isn’t necessarily someone you want to spend the rest of your life with? Someone who is polyamorous will have completely different criteria for eligibility than a woman who is religious and wants to get married and be monogamous!

Once you know what kind of relationship you hope for, think about what you like to do, what your values are, and what you’re passionate about. You don’t need to find a man who has all the same interests as you, but you’re more likely to find an eligible man if you look in places where it’s obvious that the two of you have some of the same interests!

After you’ve spent some time getting to know yourself and you know what qualities you’re looking for in an eligible man, you can explore some of these places to find him.

#1 Meet Eligible Men At Parks

If you like spending time outside, you might find eligible men at parks. There, you’ll be more likely to find men who enjoy fresh air. Perhaps you’ll find him playing frisbee with some friends or you might bump into him on a hiking path.

#2 Meet Eligible Men At Grocery Stores

Do you love food and cooking? Then a grocery store is a great place to meet a man who is also into cooking. Don’t be afraid to talk to the man who is carefully searching through the fresh produce for the best summer squash! It could easily turn into a conversation about cooking! Farmer’s markets are also a superb place to find men who love to cook!

#3 Meet Eligible Men At A Dog Park

Have you got a four-legged friend who is an important part of your life? If you do, you know how important it is to find a man who will accept your dog as part of the package if he’s interested in you. An eligible man might even have his own dog and if he does he’s likely to take his dog to a dog park to play. Build a conversation over your love of your dogs. Play dates with your dogs are a great way to find time to get together and talk more!

#4 Meet Eligible Men At Concerts

If you love music, go to concerts and you’re bound to be exposed to many eligible men who enjoy the same kind of music as you. Music puts people in a good mood and there’s always lots of smiles and laughter. On top of that, bumping into someone while you’re dancing to the music is a great way to start a conversation.

#5 Meet Eligible Men At Sporting Events

A woman who loves sports and goes to live events is bound to run into many men who are single and looking. All you have to do is be cheering for the same team and you’ll find that you have lots to talk about.

#6 Meet Eligible Men At The Gym

You’ll find lots of suitable men for dating and relationships at the gym if health and fitness are important to you. There are so many things you can talk about at the water cooler if you time it right. Ask him for advice or share a tip with him. Before you know it, you’ll be taking your chat outside the gym!

#7 Meet Eligible Men At Courses/Workshops

If you love to learn, take a course or a workshop on something you’re interested in. Not only will you increase your chances of meeting a man who loves learning as much as you do, but you’ll also meet someone who is interested in similar things. Compliment him on his meal in a cooking course or ask him how he chose the wood for his bench in a woodworking course.

#8 Meet Eligible Men At The Library/Bookstore

Intellectual women who love to read need a man who loves books and educational pursuits as much as she does so libraries and bookstores are an ideal place to meet eligible men. If you’re into science fiction, you’ll find eligible men in the sci-fi section. Want to meet a man who’s into self-development? Ask the man who’s holding the book on developing better habits for a recommendation.

#9 Meet Eligible Men Work/Career Events

Is your job and career the most important thing in your life? Or at least near the top of your priorities? Then you’re going to need a man who understands that and where better to meet a man who has similar priorities than at career focused events? You might meet him at a company event or you could find an eligible man at a networking event. These kinds of events are focused on work and careers but there’s also usually a social aspect to it that includes a dinner, drinks, or a buffet. This can be a great time to engage eligible men in conversation that reaches beyond career and into personal lives.

Written by Autumn Seave

Email: inkyblueallusions@shaw.ca