10 Subtle Things That Make a Man Desire a Woman

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The subject of desire has been widely debated in various studies including biology, gender, and psychology. There are many beliefs that women have about what makes a man desire a woman. Some of them are based on experience while others are based on sociological norms.

The fact is that each man is unique and what makes one man desire a woman may completely turn another man off.

There are some things though that are fairly expected. Most men find these things desirable and will be attracted to a woman who displays these attributes. Some may be more attractive to him than others. Sometimes it is about the combination of specific desirable traits that makes her irresistible to him.

Keep reading to find out what some of the most common traits are that make a man desire a woman.

Men Desire Women If…

#1 She Makes Eye Contact

When a woman makes eye contact with a man, it sparks a flame of desire in him. If he didn’t notice her before, he will start paying attention. Does she have other traits that make him interested? Will she continue to make eye contact? If eye contact is

#2 She Is Caring

A woman who shows caring and empathy towards a man will always be someone who is desired. Men love to be cared for and they like to think that any woman they spend time with will give him her full attention. They desire a woman who cares about him and what is important to him.

#3 She Listens

Many people think that men’s desire is based purely on physical attraction but many men will tell you that there needs to be an emotional attraction, too. Part of emotional attraction for men is when a woman truly listens to him. He wants someone to talk to. A man wants to come home to a woman who is willing to listen to him talk about his day – what bothered him, what made him happy, and even what he is proud of.

#4 She Makes Him Laugh

Photo by Suzana Sousa on Unsplash

Laughter is a necessary part of life and no one wants to go home to someone they can’t laugh with. So, when a man finds a woman who has a good sense of humor and enjoys making him laugh, he’ll find her more desirable. If she can make him forget about what might be bothering him by making him laugh, he’ll enjoy being around her more. There are even some who believe that laughter can be an aphrodisiac!

#5 She’s Spontaneous

Women who need to plan everything down to the detail far in advance before they are able to do anything can be hard to deal with. Men much prefer women who are able to spontaneously decide to do things. It might be as simple as deciding not to cook at home in favor of checking out a new Thai restaurant. On the other hand, they both might decide to call in sick on Friday morning in order to take off for a long weekend at a bed and breakfast for a few days of romance!

#6 She’s Adventurous

Men love it when women aren’t afraid to try new things, especially if they are things she’s never tried before that he is passionate about. If she’s never been to the ocean and he loves it and she’s eager to try surfing with him, it will make her so much more desirable to him! An adventurous woman is desirable!

#7 She’s Confident

Women who are confident in who they are, and what they like, and truly believe in their awesomeness are incredibly sexy to men. She doesn’t have to be a model or the picture of perfection if she knows her own worth. Men are often attracted to women who are above average in size or average in looks simply because they are confident and know that they have qualities that make them a prize!

#8 She’s Attractive (To Him)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Every man has qualities that he finds attractive in a woman. Physical attractiveness varies for each man. Some love redheads while other men love blondes. Some men prefer women with lots of curves while other men desire a woman with a leaner look. In the end, there is no one definition of attractiveness but if she’s attractive to him she’ll be more desirable.

#9 She’s Interested In Similar Things

No two people are completely interested in all the same things but if a woman has at least a few things that she’s interested in that match a man’s, he’ll desire her. They might like different foods and have different political leanings, but if they are both into traveling and adventure, it’s more likely that he’ll find her desirable. If they have nothing in common and no shared interests, it won’t matter how physically beautiful she is.

#10 She’s Open About Herself

If a woman is open and honest about herself and her life, a man will be more attracted to her. Men don’t like it when women are secretive and hiding parts of their lives any more than women like it. She doesn’t have to immediately share everything about her life on the first date, but if they go out on a few dates and a man feels like she hasn’t told him anything important, his desire will decrease!

Both men and women want similar things. Physical attractiveness does play a role in desire. There’s no doubt about that! But there are many other factors that come into play. Respect, common interests, and mutual desire are just a few of those things.

In the long run, if you want a man to desire you, show him that you desire him! Be confident and give him all the signals that you’re into him and it will make you infinitely more desirable to him!

Written by Autumn Seave

Email: inkyblueallusions@shaw.ca