How To Make A Guy Fall In Love and Stay In Love With You

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You can make a guy fall in love with you but will he stay in love? And if you made him fall in love, did you do it honestly?

These are really good questions. Because the truth is, making a guy fall in love with you authentically is a lot different than making him fall in love with someone you’re pretending to be. Not everyone should be in love. And if they fall in love with someone you’re not, there’s not anything you can do about getting him to stay in love.

Remember, even though it’s awesome to have a guy fall in love with you, you probably don’t want just anyone to fall in love with you. Be choosy. Be real. And when you meet the right person, it will happen.

Don’t try to force it!

That being said, if you’re sure he’s the right guy and you want to make him fall in love with you and stay in love, here are some things you can do to help out your love journey.

Make Him Fall In Love

If you’re at the beginning stages of a relationship and you want to make a man fall in love with you, start here:

Treat Him Well

Image by Sa Voix from Pixabay

Do little things for him you know will mean a lot. It doesn’t have to mean buying him things (but it can) and it doesn’t have to mean being his slave (although it is nice when your girlfriend brings you a beer if she’s in the kitchen and on her way back to the living room and she sees your beer is empty).

Treating him well basically just means doing things for him that you would like him to do for you. Want to be hugged in the morning? Then hug him! Want him to kiss you goodbye before he leaves for work? Then do the same for him!

Treat His Friends Well

Men love it when you treat his friends with the same kindness and thoughtfulness you would give him. Take time to get to know them and be kind when they need kindness. Don’t kick them out when you know they just lost their job. They need company!

If you treat a man’s friends well, he’ll look at you like you’re the most amazing woman on the face of the earth.

Treat His Family Well

If a guy is close to his family, you must treat them with kindness and respect. You might not agree with everything they say or do but there’s a time to speak up loudly and a time to look the other way. If it’s not hurting anyone, let it slide.

Guys especially look at how a woman treats their mom if he’s close to her. He wants to know that there’s not going to be any friction between the women in his life. So, even if she’s a lot to deal with, always be respectful and speak kindly of her. If he and his mom have a disagreement, let them work it out because if you get in between them, it’s bound to come back to bite you in the ass!

Listen To Him

One of the things that men crave is a listening ear. Sure, they have their buddies, but there are certain things that guys just don’t talk to other guys about. Their fears, insecurities, and worries are some of them. Be his friend.

That’s what they need you for. Give him time to talk and listen without judgment. And remember it for the future. You might be the one to recognize patterns that can help him manage his feelings better in the future.

Make Him Laugh

Sometimes guys just need to have a good laugh. A lot of the time, actually. Many people use laughter as a stress reliever and men do this a lot. They need a woman they can come home to and have a good laugh. If they can’t come to you because you don’t have a sense of humor, they’ll go somewhere else.

Don’t Judge Him

He needs you to be his safe space. If he does something stupid, screws up, or tells you about dumb things he did in the past, he needs to know you’re not going to judge him on those one-time things. Listen to him, be empathetic, and then let him know it doesn’t change how you feel about him.

This does not apply to major red flags. If he’s emotionally or physically abusing you, cheating on you, or lying to you – go ahead and judge him!

Point Out The Good Stuff

Guys need to know that you see the good in him. Just like anyone else, they need to know the person they are with sees the good, even when they don’t. If he got in trouble at work, remind him about the great job he did with the client last month. When he gets a ticket for speeding, remind him the reason he got the ticket was because he was rushing to take care of a friend and that’s not a bad thing.

Make Him Stay In Love

Once you know he’s in love with you, how do you make sure he stays in love? It’s a little harder to keep things going for the long term but these tips will help:

Treat Yourself With Respect

One of the best things you can do to make him stay in love with you is to show him that you love yourself. Treat yourself with respect!

No matter how much you do for him, if he sees that you never put yourself first or that you talk badly about yourself, he’s going to fall out of love with you. It’s very hard to love someone who doesn’t love themselves.

So, treat him well, but remember to treat yourself well, too!

Communicate With Him

Image by Angelo Scarcella from Pixabay

It’s very hard to stay in love with someone who never talks about more than superfluous matters. Talk to him about what is important to you. Communicate your needs and be honest. Have real conversations.

You don’t have to be serious all the time. Laughter is important. But remember that there will be very little substance to your relationship if you don’t communicate about the important things, too. And if there’s no substance, his love will diminish over time because he’ll always feel like something is lacking.

Share With Him

Being in a relationship is about more than sex and the day-to-day life. You need to be willing to share the important parts of life as well as the little things.

Share your hopes and dreams. Find out what your shared goals are so you can work on them together. Yes, you have to do what matters to you but part of being in a relationship means sharing your life and that includes feelings, fears, and dreams.

Connect With Him

One of the reasons people fall out of love is because their connection isn’t strong enough. They don’t bond and the ties that hold them together break. It’s critical to connect on more than a surface level. You need to create a connection that will strengthen your bond.

Work With Him

You don’t have to work with him at a paid job but the two of you need to have something that you work on together. It could be raising a family or it could be working towards a common goal, like buying a house or going on a vacation.

Whatever you work with him on, it should be something that the two of you both feel is important and you are both passionate about.

You could also work with him to help him accomplish something important to him. When he sees how you are willing to make efforts to make his dreams come true, he will stay in love with you!

Written by Autumn Seave