Friend Crush: What It Is, the Signs You Have One, and What to Do Next

Friend Crush

Friendship is a special bond. It’s not uncommon to tell your friend how much you love them. You hang out every other day. You sleep over at their place. Having a crush on your friend is more common than you think. 

But having a crush on your friend is not the end of the world. In fact, research suggests that a whopping 68% of romantic relationships started from friendships. So, come off it. You are not alone on this ship.

However, having a crush on someone and not knowing can give you mixed feelings, especially when you are around them. Many of us refer to this as butterflies in our bellies. Crushing over your friend can be quite confusing. This is because deciding whether you care for them as your friend or out of romantic feelings can be tricky. But we can help you narrow it down. You can act on those feelings or take a different turn once you’ve figured yourself out. Here are 10 signs you might have a crush on your friend:

10 Signs You Have a Crush on Your Friend

1. You Get Somewhat Jealous Easily

If you’re green with envy each time your bestie has a date, goes to the dance, or is having a nice time with a partner, then you’re most likely crushing. If you find yourself wishing your pal is single for the rest of their life or silently wishing their relationship hits the rock. You’re Crushing. Wickedly!

2. You Ghost Your Partner to Hang Out With Them

Did you put off a movie date so you could spend the day with them? Did you promise your sister to check on her but backed out of the appointment when your BFF said they needed to meet? Perhaps you avoid meeting new people because you’re certain there’s no replacement for your best buddy. You’re crushing!

3. You Would Do Anything for Them

And when I say anything, I mean the boring and daunting stuff nobody ever wants to do for another. Yes, that can mean picking them up from the airport and helping them to move out of their three-story walk-up apartment. No matter how difficult the task is, you’re up for it because where else would you rather be?

4. You Remember Damn Thing About Them

The important stuff as well as the minor stuff. You know what they will order before they even pick up the menu. You know they are lactose intolerant and vegetarian. You know, their favorite movie. You know their grandma calls every Saturday at exactly 10 pm. You know how they react whenever they meet someone they don’t like. And do I need to say this? You never, ever miss their birthday.

5. You Can’t-Wait to See Them

You start missing them the moment they walk out the door. If you have plans for a hang, you count the hours until you see them. 

6. You Get Excited Around Them

One major sign that you might have a crush on your friend is that you tend to have this joy when they are around. You are brimming with energy and can never have a bad day. Not when they are beside you!

7. Physical Attraction

You are physically attracted to them, and you feel something each time they touch you. You might have the urge to touch them often as well. You may also fantasize a lot about sex with them. 

8. You Value Their Opinion

Have you determine not to take a particular trip but a five minutes conversation with them – you’re packing your bags? If you often seek out your friend’s thoughts on personal matters, you value their opinion and want them to be a part of your life. It could just be an indication that you have a crush on them. 

9. You start using their words

So your friend calls their little nieces and nephews pumpkins. Initially, you find it funny and weird, but you are screaming pumpkin at the top of your voice. So, if you discover you keep using their words, you might be crushing on them. 

10. You laugh a lot when with them

It doesn’t matter if you are outdoors, hiking or indoors, ready. One thing is sure; you’re going to laugh a lot. Laughing out loud is something you have no control over when with them. This is because we tend to laugh at the jokes of people we like. It doesn’t matter whether you are having a crappy day when they make a joke – you laugh!

What to Do Next?

Now that you know you have a crush on your friend, what next? As discussed earlier, having a friend crush is not a big deal. It is normal, acceptable, and understandable and happens often. It is not a feeling that you must shy away from or swallow. It can be dealt with perfectly. 

However, you need to ask yourself how much you like your friend and how close you are. You must first choose whether you want them to know or not. I’m sure you are afraid and would like to know that it will work out, but there is no definite way to go about it when you are friends with a crush. The coin could toss either way!

Observing your friend keenly is a simple trick that assures a yes more than a know. Do they give certain hints that show some interest in you? If they do, then it is time to hit a home run. Ask them out on a date, plain and simple. Make your feelings and your intentions very clear. If things don’t go as planned, there are ways to cope with unrequited love.  

There is no certainty that when you confess your feelings to a friend, the outcome will be what you expected. However, you don’t have to worry. Even if things go wrong, you should try to continue being friends. You don’t have to lose a good friend because they weren’t down for romance.


Written by Autumn Seave