Characteristics That Make Men Fall Head Over Heels In Love

head over heels in love

The things that make a man fall in love with one woman over another are not necessarily specific. It can be hard to put a finger on what it is. Does he fall for her body, her mind, or the sex? Not likely.

The truth is, it is usually a combination of things that make a man fall in love with a woman. It is various characteristics that matter to him. Ask any man what made him fall in love with his girlfriend or wife and he’s likely to have a hard time naming one thing.

These are some of the most common characteristics that men mention though when they tell someone what made them fall in love with a woman.

#1 He Falls In Love With Her Acceptance

For many men, meeting a woman who accepts him as he is and isn’t just interested in the man he could be if only he changed a little is life altering. She is happy with who he is and is content to spend time with him the way he is now. If he never changed, she’d still fall in love with him.

That can blow his mind and make him fall head over heels with her. Being accepted is comforting. Of all the characteristics a woman might have, this is the one that makes him think about spending the rest of his life with her.

#2 He Falls In Love With Her Humor

Everyone has their own unique sense of humor and when you meet someone who just gets you and doesn’t think you’re weird for laughing at the things you do, you tend to develop a pretty tight bond with them. Finding a woman who knows how to laugh is a treat but a woman who laughs at the same things you do is even better!

#3 He Falls In Love With Her Attention

Everyone loves to know that someone makes them a priority in their life. When she wishes him good morning via text or checks in with him periodically if she knows he’s been having a rough time, he knows she cares.

A man loves it when a woman will make time for him in a busy life just because she wants to see him. But he’ll fall in love with her when she finds a way to juggle her priorities around so that she can take care of him if he’s sick to take time to listen when he needs to talk.

#4 He Falls In Love With Her Outlook On Life

Men often say that the thing they fall in love with is a woman’s outlook on life. She’s positive and she always looks for the good in people and in situations. She believes that it will all balance out and she doesn’t worry about the little things.

A woman with a good outlook on life is easy to be around. And on top of that, it helps him have a good outlook, too. When he’s worried or stressed out, her outlook on life will help him refocus.

#5 He Falls In Love With Her Attitude

A good attitude is appealing to most people but a great attitude is hard to find. A man who falls in love with a woman is often especially happy with her attitude. She is calm and eager; happy and excited; curious and adventurous.

It’s hard not to fall in love with someone who has a great attitude.

#6 He Falls In Love With Her Passion

The woman a man falls in love with is often passionate about many things. She might be passionate about her work or her hobbies. Helping other people or working with the community might be her passion. But she’s definitely got passions.

A great deal of the time, her passions extend to the bedroom, too. She gets excited, talks about sex, and asks him for what she needs. When it comes to his needs, she’s eager to try new things and have a lot of fun doing it!

#7 He Falls In Love With Her Empathy

She doesn’t need to understand what he’s going through in order for her to be empathetic. Even if she hasn’t been in his position before or has never experienced what has happened to him, she feels for him.

This gives her the ability to be kind and loving and patient and that will make him fall in love with her!

#8 He Falls In Love With Her Life

And she falls in love with his. Even if their lifestyles are not exactly the same, he will fall in love with the way she lives her life. That includes her family, her career, her friends, and her hobbies. They may not be perfect. In fact, they definitely won’t be. But he’ll fall in love with it anyway because he loves the way she lives her life.

#9 He Falls In Love With Her Quirks

Finally, he’ll fall in love with all the little things that make her who she is. He’ll love the way she twirls her hair when she’s reading a book and he’ll love the way she stumbles over nothing. Even when she’s annoying him, he’ll love the way she tells the same stories over and over again.

Oftentimes, it is not big things that a man fall when he falls head over heels for a woman. It is the combination of things that makes her who she is. It’s the wonderful, the weird, and the cute things she does that she thinks are odd but he thinks are completely endearing.

Written by Autumn Seave