Here’s Why Men Find You Unapproachable

unapproachable woman

Do you feel like you spend the majority of your time alone? Do you go out to events or bars and no one ever talks to you or flirts? Ever wonder why? It might be because men think you’re unapproachable.

What makes a woman unapproachable to a man? It usually isn’t because she’s not attractive. Some of the most attractive women are lonely and single. Much of the time, it is because men think they are unapproachable for various reasons, so they leave her alone and move on to someone they think they have a chance with.

If men think you’re unapproachable and never come up to talk to you or ask for your number, this might be why.

You’re Unapproachable When You Don’t Smile

A woman who never smiles gives off “don’t talk to me” vibes and men pick up on that instantly. You don’t have to be standing around smiling like a fool at nothing in particular but if a smile never crosses your lips, it’s likely turning men off. It might even be scaring them.

No matter how beautiful you look or how nice you are, men are never going to take the chance to find out if they think that you’re annoyed or mad at something. They won’t want to invade your space and find out what kind of personality you have because you just don’t seem like the kind of woman who wants to be approached.

You’re Always Busy

You might be a very busy person. That’s not what is scaring men off and making them unsure about approaching you. It’s the tone of your voice, the tension in your body, and the seriousness of your face that scares them.

Chances are, you’re so busy and so focused on whatever you’re doing that you don’t notice other people. You don’t slow down to smile at anyone and your sentences are short and sharp because you’ve got to move on to the next big thing.

Take a minute to slow down and notice the people around you. Make eye contact and smile. Even if you’re not looking to meet someone at that moment, there might be someone interested in meeting you if you slow down for a moment.

You Make Sure People Know How Smart You Are

You’re a smart and intelligent woman and you’re well versed in a wide variety of subjects. That can be a good thing. But it’s not so great if you make sure that everyone in the room knows you’re smarter than them. If your words and your actions make others feel dumb, that’s a huge deterrent to being approachable to men!

You’re Attractive But You Don’t Think You Are

The most beautiful woman who thinks that she’s too skinny/too blonde/too freckled or too anything will be unapproachable to most men. No one wants to have to constantly convince someone that they are better than what they think they are. You don’t have to act like you’re a supermodel, but simply having some confidence in your appearance can go a long way!

You’re Attractive And You Think That Makes You Better

If you’re attractive and you act like you’re better than other people, that’s going to make you completely unapproachable to men. You might not think that you’re better than other people but it will come off that way if you don’t treat them right. Smile, say please and thank you, and take a minute to notice others. Compliment other women.

You Flaunt Your Money

It’s not the fact that you have money that makes you unapproachable. It’s your attitude about having money. If you only wear designer clothing and have designer accessories and you want to make sure everyone else knows it, men will be turned off. When you make sure that your designer purse is the center of attention in the middle of the table, it looks like you’re calling attention to yourself.

Your Body Language Says, “Back Off!”

Body language says more than words or anything else could ever say. When you stand with your arms crossed it gives serious “don’t come too close” vibes and that’s exactly what men will do – they’ll steer clear of you. If you back up a foot when someone approaches you to say hello, they’ll back off pretty fast. When you’re constantly looking around the room while others talk to you, it suggests that you are bored and suggests that you think you’re better. All of these body signals tell men that you’re unapproachable.

Written by Autumn Seave