How To Catch And Keep An Alpha Man

alpha man

Do you love a strong alpha man? Want to find out how you can get one as a boyfriend and keep him? First, you need to understand what an alpha male is.

What Is An Alpha Male?

People have an idea of what an alpha male is in their heads and a lot of it is not on point. A lot of people think an alpha male is just a man who likes to boss women around and always be in control. That’s a very shallow image of the true alpha man though.

An alpha man is much more than just a selfish guy who always has to have things his way. That’s more of a narcissist or an asshole! 

Here’s what a true alpha male is:

  • He’s intelligent but not superior. The alpha doesn’t need to tell people he’s better than them and he doesn’t try to make others feel stupid. People recognize his intelligence because he’s a good conversationalist and because he makes smart decisions.
  • He’s a leader but not bossy. A man who is an alpha male doesn’t need to boss people around to be a good leader. He leads by example and he guides people without making them seem small. Instead of being aggressive, he’s assertive. When he leads, people want to follow him.
  • He loves a challenge but he doesn’t make things challenging. When there are goals to be reached, an alpha is at his best. Whether it is in his personal life, he looks for resolutions to problems and takes pleasure in it, but he doesn’t make situations challenging simply to have a goal to work towards.
  • He keeps emotions under control but he does have emotions. Some think that the alpha man simply doesn’t get emotional and that’s not true. He’s just choosy about who he lets see his true emotions. When he’s focused on a task or with people who aren’t close to him, he manages his emotions until he’s in a place where he can let them out.

So, you see, alpha men aren’t cold and calculating men who have to have things their way. They aren’t men who just like to keep women under their control. They can be kind and giving and sweet and they make other people, especially women, feel good about themselves.

How To Get An Alpha Man

Image by Moksha bongs from Pixabay

If you crave the attention of an alpha male, there’s a certain type of woman you can work on becoming. He does like specific qualities in any woman he is going to have next to him in life. 

Here are the top TK qualities an alpha man looks for:

  1. Class – she has a strong moral compass and she’s confident in herself. She’s caring and empathetic and she strives to always set a good example with her words and her actions. The elegance of a woman who is honest, authentic, and self-sufficient is important to him.
  2. Femininity – often, this does appeal to physical characteristics but it’s more of a vibe than one specific physical thing. She might have long or short hair, and wear makeup or high heels, but she has the look of class. She’s also very caring and gentle in her words her actions and how she treats people. 
  3. Confidence – he loves to compliment and flatter her but she doesn’t need someone else to make her feel good about herself. She knows her worth and she’ll make sure he does, too. In fact, she makes sure others know her value but not by telling them. Her value and worth are obvious in the way she treats others and in the way she makes herself a priority in her life.
  4. Pride – a woman who can win an alpha man takes care of herself because she’s proud of who she is. She dresses well and makes efforts to make sure she looks and feels good. That means she takes care of her health by exercising and eating properly. She takes pride in how she looks.
  5. Intelligence – the love of an alpha male is smart and she loves learning new things. She has probably gone on to take some higher learning and she keeps up with what is going on in the world. When there’s a conversation, she’s able to take part and share her ideas and opinions. She likely reads both for pleasure and to learn more about the things she’s passionate about.

How To Keep An Alpha Man

Many women will try to get an alpha to notice her by trying to be all those things but if they aren’t genuine, he’ll know shortly after the relationship starts. If you want to keep an alpha man in your life you have to be real. You can’t fake these things.

She Let’s Him Lead

An alpha man is more likely to stay with a woman who lets him take the lead. That doesn’t mean you let him boss you around. But it’s important to understand that he’s naturally a leader in all aspects of his life and he’s not likely going to take the backseat and let someone else take over. 

He doesn’t want to make her become someone she is not by giving him complete and free reign to run the relationship. Asking for input, and looking for others’ thoughts are all part of the process of being a good leader and he’ll want that from his partner, too. 

Give Him Support

Even though he’s confident in himself and his actions, the alpha man needs the support of his girlfriend or wife. He knows that with her support he can be even stronger and he’ll be a better person, overall.

Keep in mind that he’s not likely going to be interested in staying with a woman who just tells him what he wants to hear. He’s looking for someone who will help him weigh out all the pros and cons to come to a good conclusion. And he knows you might not always see things his way but if you’ve got another viewpoint you’d better be ready to show him why it’s the right way to go!

She’s Genuine

If you’re trying to be a certain way to get a specific kind of man – in this case, an alpha male – in your life, it’s going to come to the surface eventually. You may already know that you can’t maintain the facade but at some point, he’ll know it, too.

An alpha man doesn’t want a woman who will put on a good act to be the way he wants her to be. He wants the real deal. Are you suited to an alpha man and all that he is? 

Written by Autumn Seave