How To Take The Perfect Lingerie Selfie

lingerie selfie

There’s a lot of reward in taking the perfect lingerie selfie. It doesn’t matter who it is for. They are just a lot of fun to take. But there’s an art to it and that prevents some women from taking lingerie selfies.

Why Take A Lingerie Selfie?

There are a lot of reasons you might want to learn to take a great lingerie selfie. Maybe you want to get the attention of someone you’re chatting with or maybe you want to make your dating profile irresistible.

If you’re dating someone, in a relationship, or even married, a lingerie selfie can be a great way to get your man thinking about some steamy activities for later in the day. It’s a fun way to tease him and build some excitement. Selfies can keep your relationship interesting and fun.

But lingerie selfies don’t have to be for other people. Taking a lingerie selfie can be something you do for yourself, too. When you take a lingerie selfie for yourself, it boosts your self-esteem. It makes you feel sexy and when you feel sexy, you look sexy to other people too. Lingerie selfies are a great confidence builder!

Now, that you’re sure you want to get some great selfies of yourself in some of your favorite lingerie, here are some tips for making sure they are awesome for whoever is privileged to see them!

Experiment With Lighting

Lighting can make the difference between a great lingerie self and a mediocre picture. Generally speaking, the best selfies are taken in a room with lots of natural light. If you don’t have a room in your house with good natural light (or if it’s evening and you’re in the mood for a lingerie selfie) you can use artificial light.

You can experiment and find different kinds of lighting. Try using shadows to conceal your face or parts of your body you’re not fond of. You never know when a different kind of light will create an effect that makes for a fabulous selfie!

Fun With Filters

There are a lot of people who think that filters should be avoided but there’s nothing wrong with using a filter to create a unique effect. Black and white filters are always dramatic. Some filters will add a light ray that you can use to draw attention away from less desirable parts of the picture or even to disguise your face.

Have fun and try different filters on your phone or photo editing apps.

Use Your Imagination

One of the best ways to create a more intimate lingerie selfie is by letting your expression play a bigger role in the image. To get the right look on your face, let your imagination take over.

If you want a more playful look, think of a time when someone made you laugh. If you want a sexier image, imagine a time when someone made you feel sensual. The images in your head can help you portray the look you want.

Use A Timer

Photo by Dushawn Jovic on Unsplash

If you want to get a good lingerie photo where it doesn’t look like you’re taking your own picture, learn to use a timer. You can set the timer on your phone to take a picture at a pre-set time and you can even have it take multiple pictures at once. This will give you the chance to get into the right pose in the perfect lighting.

If you let it take several pictures at a time, you can move slightly to try and get the perfect picture. Remember that digital pictures can be deleted if you don’t like them, so using a timer can allow you to play around more and find the perfect pose.

Use a Mirror

Sometimes the goal isn’t to take a picture that makes it look like you didn’t take it, in which case, taking a picture in a mirror that shows the camera is perfectly fine.

Try using your phone held at different angles or position the mirror differently to get a unique view. You can even take a picture with the camera pointed at the mirror but over your shoulder. This gives you a view of both your front and your back, so it’s almost like two pictures in one!

Over and Down

One of the best views for taking a lingerie selfie is when the camera is above you and the viewer is looking down at your body. Lay on your bed, turn on the light for good lighting, and hold the camera above you and over your head. When you take the picture, you’ll be posed so that the camera can take in a good portion of your body.

Try different poses. Elongate your body, arch your back, or cross your legs. Close your eyes or look directly into the camera. Lick your lips and use your imagination. This single pose can result in a wide variety of lingerie selfies that will excite whoever gets to see them!

Strategic Sheet Placement

Taking lingerie selfies on your bed is a great technique to automatically make yourself look sexy. The rumpled sheets, the lingerie, the morning light, and other factors just make this a very sensual background.

Of course, the sheets and the pillows are the perfect accents to place strategically for your lingerie photo shoot. Drape the sheets or hug the pillow to your body to give peeks at the naughty bits and focus on the lingerie.


Taking a good lingerie selfie takes a lot of practice. It means trying different settings, different poses, and different looks. The more you experiment, the more likely you are to take some selfies that will blow any man’s mind. On top of that, you’ll find ways to take pictures that make you feel sexy and sensual, and confident.

Chances are, once you get good at taking lingerie selfies, you’ll only want to take more. And the more pictures you take that you love, the greater the chances will be that you’ll want to share them with someone!

Written by Autumn Seave