20 Ways To Know She’s Totally Into You Even If She Doesn’t Say It

20 Ways To Know She’s Totally Into You Even If She Doesn’t Say It

20 Ways To Know She’s Totally Into You Even If She Doesn’t Say It

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a girl really likes you if she doesn’t come right out and say it. Remember that she has a lot to lose, too. If she puts it all out on the line to tell you she likes you and then it turns out that the feelings are reciprocated, she’s going to be really embarrassed.

A lot of women aren’t willing to do that. Unless you are direct and tell her how you feel, both of you could just end up waiting for the other to speak up first!

If you’re not ready to come out and express yourself without being totally sure that she’s crazy about you, too, there are some signs you can look for. Here are some of the ways you can be sure she’s totally into you

#1 The Way She Looks At You

If a woman likes you, you can tell by the way she looks at you. When you are talking, she will look directly into your eyes. Even if there are other people in the conversation, her gaze is mostly directed at you. Her face is softer and she’s likely smiling slightly, even if you’re not being funny. Looking at you just makes her smile.

#2 She Laughs At Your Jokes

When you are being funny, she’s definitely picking up on your jokes. She thinks you’re hilarious actually. Even if other people aren’t getting the joke, she seems to pick up on it every time. Whether you’re just telling a story or making a comment that’s a little off-color, she laughs when you are trying to be funny.

#3 She’s In Your DMs A Lot

A girl that likes you will want to stay in contact with you. She sends you messages to see how your day was, good morning texts, and chats with you throughout the day. She’ll send you memes and funny videos or songs that she thinks you’ll like or that make you think of her (by the way, women never send songs just because they’re cool; listen to the lyrics because they likely mean something to her).

#4 She Mirrors You

When a woman likes you, she’ll likely mirror your actions. If you smile, she’ll smile. If you touch your mouth, she will, too. Mirroring is something that people do unconsciously when they like someone and want to be more attractive to them. It’s usually simple movements and behaviors but it might be something bigger, too.

#5 Her Body Language

There is certain body language you can watch for to see if someone is interested in you. One of the most obvious things you might notice is that when you’re talking, she’ll turn her entire body toward you. If you’re standing, she’ll turn so your bodies are facing each other. If you’re sitting, she might cross her legs so her crossed leg is pointing at you. When a woman likes you, her body will be more open. Her arms won’t be crossed over her chest. She may lick her lips or touch her face to direct your attention to her.

#6 She Touches You

She’s not likely going to reach out and grab you but she’ll touch you casually in conversation. A woman who likes you might touch your hand when she talks or your shoulder. She may playfully push your chest with the palm of her hand or just l lay her hand on you briefly. If she likes you, she’ll look for excuses to touch you.

#7 She Asks You Questions About Yourself

When a woman is into you, she wants to know you. She’s curious about everything about you, so she’ll ask lots of questions about what you like, your past, and your life. She also wants to know what you think about things so you’ll ask your opinions on a variety of subjects from family to love and relationships. If you’re talking in a group, she will make sure that your opinion is heard no matter what the topic is because she’s totally into you and your opinion is really the only one that matters to her.

#8 She Makes Time For You

Even if she has a really busy life, she’s always got time for you. If that means she needs to stay up later so the two of you have time to talk, she’s ok with that. She might go out of her way to do something with you, like driving across the city to meet you somewhere. No matter what is going on in your life, a girl who likes you will make it a priority to find time for you.

#9 You Get To Hang With Her And Her Friends

Not all guys get to hang out with a girl and her friends. In fact, few make it to the inner circle. Sometimes even boyfriends and husbands won’t be allowed to join them. So, if she lets you hang out with her while she’s with her friends, that’s a sign she likes you. She likely wants her friends to like you, too.

#10 You’re Invited To Family Gatherings

When her family is having a backyard barbeque or is coming into the city for dinner, don’t be surprised if you get an invite. If a woman really likes you, she’ll ask you to come along, even if you’re not dating. The thing is, she wants her family to like you because she’s hoping you’ll be more than friends soon!

#11 She’s Always Smiling Around You

Being around you makes her happy and because she’s happy around you she smiles a lot. You make her feel good. If she smiles around you a lot she’s probably feeling pretty good about you and your friendship and she’s enjoying every moment that you’re together. She’s totally into spending time with you.

#12 She Tells You What’s On Her Mind

When you ask her what she’s thinking about or what is on her mind, she doesn’t brush you off and tell you, “Nothing.” She feels comfortable talking to you and she tells you openly what she’s thinking about. Whether it is serious or casual, she doesn’t hide what she’s thinking around you.

#13 You Talk About Important Things Together

Your relationship isn’t casual. In fact, the more time you spend together, the more likely you are to talk about important things. She talks frankly about her dreams and goals. The two of you are able to talk about feelings and emotions. You can even talk about important things like religion and politics.

#14 You’re Included In Her Future Plans

When she talks about her future, you’re included in it. You know she really likes you if she talks about future events and you’re part of it. Whether she’s talking about her career or where she’s going to live, she wants her future to have you in it.

#15 She Asks Your Opinion

Some decisions are hard to make so they require the opinions and thoughts of someone important in your life. But you don’t ask people for their opinions if they don’t matter to you. So, if she asks your opinions on things that really matter to her, it means she is totally into you.

#16 She Lets You Help Her

Women don’t like to make themselves vulnerable to a lot of people. If they don’t want to be vulnerable or they don’t want to “owe” anyone, they will try to do things themselves. But if she lets you help her do things like make a plan for her finances or figure out what to do about a work situation, it means she trusts you and holds you in high regard.

#17 She Says “We” Often

If she uses mostly “I” statements, she’s still on a solo course; but if she says “we” a lot and includes you in her thoughts, opinions, and future plans, she considers you an important part of her life.

#18 You Get To See Her Goofy Side

Every woman has a goofy side that she doesn’t show to most people. Sometimes her family doesn’t even get to see it. Only her closest friends usually see that side of her. But if she really likes you, she’ll let you in that inner circle and you’ll get to see her goofy side. And when you do, you’re going to love it!

#19 She’ll Eat Pizza With You

A woman who will eat freely around you totally likes you. She’s not just in a hoping you like her, maybe there’s going to be something here stage of your relationship. This woman seriously likes you and is comfortable around you. She’ll eat pizza, fried chicken, the juiciest burgers with all the fixings, and other messy food because she’s completely herself around you.

#20 She Stops Dating

Ultimately, if a woman is totally into you, she’s not into anyone else so she’s not dating anyone. She won’t make a big deal out of the matter but if you know she used to date other people and now she’s not dating anyone and hasn’t been dating anyone for a while, there’s a good chance it is because she’s waiting for you to get your shit together and tell her how you feel. She’s hopeful and waiting. So what are you waiting for?

Written by Autumn Seave

Email: inkyblueallusions@shaw.ca