5 Of The Most Important Things Every Woman Wants In A Man

Important Things Every Woman Wants In A Man

Every woman is unique and will have her own needs. That means here expectations from a man are also unique. There will be a lot of diversity in requirements that women have for a boyfriend or a husband or even a friend with benefits.

However, there are some things that every woman wants from a man, regardless of what kind of relationship she is looking for. These qualities are basic and you can expect that pretty much every woman you come across is going to want these things.

Want to know what they are? Then keep reading and memorize this list!

#1 She Wants Respect

No matter what kind of relationship a woman is looking for, from a fuck buddy to a future husband, you can be sure she wants to be with a man that respects her. If there’s no respect, she wants nothing to do with him.

Respect is pretty simple when you think about it. It’s about treating her like a human being. Even if you’re just meeting up with someone for a one-night fling, you can be respectful of her body, her time, her space, and whatever else she chooses to give you access to. If she says she only has an hour, then don’t take more than an hour.

If you’re looking for a girlfriend, the same concept of respect applies. Be conscious of both her words and her actions and give her the respect she deserves. Believing that she deserves respect is the first step!

#2 She Wants To Be Heard

Some people think that women don’t know what they want. But they do. They will likely tell you and you’d better be listening!

When a woman talks to you about what she’s looking for, her dreams and goals, or her expectations, make sure you’re listening. Don’t just nod your head and smile and assume that you know what she wants better than she does. That’s a sure way to lose her.

After you listen to what she is saying, make sure you actually hear it. If you listen and then don’t take what she’s said to heart, your actions will show it. She’ll be disappointed if you stay late at work every night after she’s told you that it’s important to her that she finds someone who makes it a priority to be with her in the evenings


#3 She Wants Honesty

This is a pretty basic expectation, yet some people feel that it is necessary to protect women from the truth. Most women would rather hear the truth, even if it isn’t the most pleasant thing to hear than to have it hidden from her because someone thinks she can’t handle it.

Remember that half-truths and lies of omission are dishonesty. Simply not telling her something that is important to your relationship is the same as lying. A man who has to leave the country for six months at a time each year but doesn’t tell someone he’s in a relationship with about it until the last minute isn’t honest.

Honesty can apply to a lot of different topics. It can apply to relationships (still married but going through a divorce and didn’t tell her? Or maybe you have three kids with three different women but haven’t revealed their presence?), work, and careers (planning to move across the country next year to complete a degree?), or even STD status (have HSV but you’re using condoms and don’t have an outbreak so you don’t feel a need to say so?).

When it comes right down to it, honesty is an issue of consent. If you don’t give her the option to consent to be in a relationship with you with complete honesty, you’re lying. No woman is going to be ok with that.

#4 She Wants Friendship

Love is important. Sex is important. Stability is important. But in the end, when all those things waver or if they disappear completely, friendship is what is going to keep your relationship together.

Especially when you’re with someone that you want to be with for the rest of your life, you have to be able to be friends, above everything else. You need to be able to sit around doing nothing and enjoy each other’s company. Friends talk about important things and less important matters. They enjoy each other’s company and they put effort into maintaining their friendship.

#5 She Wants Emotional Security

You can give a woman loads of orgasms, a beautiful house to live in, and loyalty but if you don’t make her feel safe emotionally, she’s going to start wanting more.

Women want men in their lives who put their emotional security as a top priority. This means you think about her feelings and you make an effort to make her feel good. You don’t want her to be sad, so you do things that make her feel better, whether that means bringing her ice cream or taking her out when she needs a social boost.

She knows she can talk to you about anything because you won’t tell her that she’s overanalyzing things or that she’s getting worked up about nothing. If you make her feel like she can talk to you about anything, she’ll come to you and she’ll feel secure and safe in doing so.

Some men think that women are complicated and hard to understand. If you start with these 5 basic needs though, you’ll find it a lot easier to understand their other needs and wants. Remember that women are unique and not cookie-cutter versions of a human being. Each woman is unique though.

Written by Autumn Seave

Email: inkyblueallusions@shaw.ca