Here’s Why Your Girl Gets Moody And What You Can Do To Help

Here’s Why Your Girl Gets Moody And What You Can Do To Help

Here is the truth: women can get pretty moody. Sometimes there is a really good reason for it. Other times, there might not be a reason. Or it doesn’t seem like there’s any logic behind her moods. The truth is, there’s always some reason, but you might not be able to figure it out, and sometimes she can’t either.

When your girl is in a mood, is there anything you can do about it? Should you even try or should you just back off and leave her alone?

What Is Behind Her Moodiness?

Before you even start trying to figure out why your girlfriend is moody, you need to acknowledge that everyone is moody sometimes. She probably thinks you’re pretty moody at times, too.

Life can be hard for everyone and that can cause a lot of issues for people, including being moody. They might be going through things or work or they could be having some anxiety. Especially in the times we live in, people might have a difficult time moderating their feelings and moods.

So, no matter what the reason is behind your girlfriend’s moods, be patient and understanding.

Now, the big question – why is she moody?

#1 It’s That Time Of The Month

This is always a possibility. If you live with your girlfriend or you’ve been with her for a while, you might know when she’s getting her period. That can contribute to moodiness.

The thing to remember, if this is the reason, is that you should never, ever, point it out. Even if it is obvious to you, don’t blame her mood on her menstrual cycle. Just be more gentle and kind and give her some space.

#2 She’s Stressed Out About Work

When people have a lot of work stress, it can cause them to act in unpredictable ways. They might appear to be sad or depressed. Someone who has work stress might even act out in ways that make them seem very happy because they are looking for some relief from the stress.

Sometimes, when your girlfriend is stressed out because of a work situation, she might engage in extreme behaviors outside of work in order to forget about the stress. They might drink a lot or even do recreational drugs. If this is the case, after the alcohol or drugs wear off, they will probably feel a drop and seem very down.

#3 She Had a Fight With Her Best Friend

Women rely on their best friends for a lot of things. From emotional support to someone to vent to, the best friend is a critical relationship in a woman’s life. And if she doesn’t have her best friend available to her, she’s going to be very moody.

The good news is, this is not going to last. They are going to make up and pretty soon, your girlfriend will be back to normal.

#4 She’s Mad At You

It happens. Sometimes she has a really good reason to be upset and sometimes it’s purely a misunderstanding. The thing is, if she’s not ready to talk about it yet, she’s going to go through a lot of different feelings and it’s going to affect her moods. She might be fine and extra cheery one moment and pissed off the next.

#5 She’s Bored

When a woman is bored she can get pretty moody. She might be bored with her job or just life in general. A woman who is bored will be excited, cranky, and sweet all in a span of minutes.

What Can You Do To Help Your Moody Girlfriend?

The first thing you need to understand is that you should never point out her moodiness. This is dangerous. If you point out your girlfriend’s moodiness, you might end up no longer having a girlfriend!

So, if you want to help her, be subtle! Here are a few things you can do.

Do: Let Her Vent

Give her a chance to talk about whatever is bothering her. Don’t suggest that she should talk because she’s moody but do ask her how she’s feeling and if there’s anything she needs to talk about. Women love to talk so there’s a good chance she’ll take you up on your offer.

When she starts talking, it’s important to just listen. Let her vent and get out whatever she needs to talk about. That’s all.

Remember, when she’s venting, she’s not looking for you to solve her problem! She doesn’t want answers. She’s going to figure it out on her own and come up with her own solutions. All she needs right now is for you to listen to what she’s saying. Nod, be empathetic and ask questions.

Absolutely do not tell her what she should do, even if she asks you.

Don’t: Make It About You

Unless she says it is about you, it isn’t. Even if she says it is about you, it might not be. It probably isn’t. So, don’t get hurt feelings because she’s a bit moody. Don’t act like she’s up and down and all over the place just to annoy you.

Remember, you are part of your girlfriend’s life. She has other things going on in her life that affect her moods.

Do: Give Her Space

Sometimes a woman just needs a little time to think. She needs some space so she can be on her own to work things out. Give her a little space instead of pushing her to adjust her mood so it is more to your liking.

Don’t: Make Her Feel Bad

If you make her feel guilty for not being Little Miss Mary Sunshine all the time, she’ll resent you for it. No one is in a great mood all the time and she has a right to be in whatever kind of mood she’s in.

Let her feel whatever she’s feeling. Don’t try to change her or make her feel bad about it.

Do: Be Available

If your girlfriend has been moody, be available for whatever she needs you for whenever she needs you. Take her out for food. Watch rom-coms with her. Listen to her vent. Be available but don’t ever push her toward a solution.

If you keep these things in mind, your girlfriend will know you matter to her, no matter what kind of mood she’s in.

Written by Autumn Seave