Watch For These Signs Your Girlfriend Is Lying To You

Watch For These Signs Your Girlfriend Is Lying To You

If your girlfriend is lying to you, you may not even know it at first. Liars are very good at hiding their misconceptions. They don’t want you to know they are lying so they work hard at deceiving.

Of course, if your girlfriend is lying to you, you’d want to know about it, right?

Why Do Women Lie?

There are many reasons why women lie to their boyfriends. Some are lying to purposefully mislead you. Others are pathological liars and can’t help themselves.

While there are some women that lie purely for their own benefit, some women lie with the idea that they are protecting their boyfriend. They might think that telling him the truth would hurt him.

If you are observant, you can pick up on the red flags of a lying girlfriend. Here are some of the signs you can watch for.

#1 They Repeat Questions

If you ask them a question, they will not answer immediately if they are about to lie in their response. Often, they will repeat the question. The intention is to make you think they are taking your question seriously.

What they are really doing though is buying time to come up with an answer that you will believe. They are thinking about their response so they can lie convincingly.

#2 Their Body Language Speaks For Them

One of the most obvious ways to detect a lying girlfriend is by observing their body language. There are some physical signs that make it very apparent that your girlfriend is lying to you.

She might bite her lip as she pauses, trying to make herself seem innocent and thoughtful. Some girls play with their hair. They brush it off their face or twirl it around their fingers. When you know someone well, you can see the physical signs they display when they are lying.

#3 They Are Defensive

If you call her out on what you suspect is a lie, she will be very defensive. She’ll act like it is incredibly insulting that you would even think that she would lie to you. Women who lie are very good at making people think that they find lying to be horrible and they will try to convince you that they would never do that.

To a liar, the worst thing you can do is suggest that they are not telling the truth.

#4 They Won’t Look You In The Eye

For most people, it is very difficult to lie while making eye contact. If your girlfriend is lying to you, she’ll look anywhere but in your eyes.

The lying girlfriend might seem like she is looking at something behind you or she might even turn her body away from you to face another direction.

#5 They Say A Lot But Nothing, Too

A liar will speak quickly and say a lot of words. At the same time, when your girlfriend is lying to you, she will not actually give you any information with all the words she is saying.

She may do a lot of talking, but what she is telling you doesn’t actually answer any of your questions. A lying girlfriend is very good at stepping around the questions you ask, and talking fast in order to avoid saying anything of any importance.

Her intention is to make you think she’s given you the answers you look for but avoid having to tell you the truth.

#6 She Fidgets and Moves Around

When your girlfriend is lying, she will likely be unable to sit still and hold a serious conversation with you. She might get up and start doing something else, like washing dishes or some other household task. It is suddenly very important that the floor gets swept immediately.

If there’s nothing else she can find to do, she will fidget with anything that is available. She might pick up a pen and start clicking the top or she may twirl her keychain around her fingers.

This is both a distraction for her and for you.

#7 She Turns It Around

If you catch her in a lie and call her out on it, she’ll try to turn the situation around so that you seem like the bad guy. She might be upset that you don’t trust her. A lying girlfriend will do anything she can to make you feel like you were wrong for thinking that she would lie to you.

Written by Autumn Seave