What Is With Women And Their Attraction To Tall Men

What Is With Women And Their Attraction To Tall Men

We’ve all seen those couples – tall men with the most beautiful women who look at them with complete adoration. What is up with that (ya, that’s a pun!)? Sometimes the men these beautiful women are with aren’t even very good looking. They are just tall.

The question is, why? What is it about tall men that women just love? Keep reading to find out.

Safety and Security

In the past, men were supposed to be the protectors of the weaker sex. Of course, these days, most women don’t need a man (tall or otherwise) to protect them from anything. Women don’t need men to provide security.

The thing is, even though women don’t need a man for security and protection, they appreciate the feeling. A tall man makes a woman feel like she doesn’t have to be the sole source of her own security and it’s just a really nice and comforting feeling.

Financial Stability

Money may not be everything but it doesn’t hurt. In fact, most women like to know that even though she can buy the things she wants and needs, she doesn’t have to worry about supporting someone else’s financial needs.

Some might think it is just a myth, but tall men are actually more likely to be financially stable in the long term. They tend to make more money than shorter men. Maybe it has something to do with the way people see them or maybe it is because they are more confident. Either way, it could be part of the reason some women love tall men.


It really a stereotype to assume that tall men are more masculine but it is a common ideal. Tall men are…manly. They often have deeper voices and are strong. Because of their height, tall men are often more confident, which only adds to their masculinity.

Women love a confident and masculine man because it makes them feel more feminine. A masculine man compliments a woman’s softness and femininity.

Tall Men Are Socially Acceptable

It’s a social expectation that men should be taller than women. Not all women will subscribe to that norm but it’s hard to avoid it.

Women are discouraged from dating shorter men. When they go out with a short man they get disapproving looks and surprised stares. When they go out with a tall man they get approving looks and people comment on what a beautiful couple they make.

The Media Promotes Tall Men

In movies, on television, and even in commercials, tall men are portrayed as being more desirable. When an actor isn’t tall, they are never really seen as being shorter because movie directors use lifts and other tricks to make them appear taller.

Some of the best looking and more famous actors are actually short but you’d never know it because the media doesn’t show how short they really are. Tall men are more desirable in the media.

Tall Men Like Shorter Women

As much as women like tall men, tall men usually date shorter women. The reverse is true. Shorter women make them seem more masculine.

It’s rare to see a tall man who dates tall women.

They Make Great Cuddlers

Women like to be the small spoon in bed when they are cuddling. It’s hard to be the small spoon with a man that’s shorter than you! But tall men? They fit perfectly.

When a tall man curves his body around a shorter woman, she feels completely secure and safe.

Tall Men Are Healthier

You might think that the idea that tall men are healthier than their shorter counterparts is just a stereotype, there’s actually some truth behind it. Statistically, tall men have better health.

No one really knows what the reason is for tall men being healthier than short men. It could be genetics or better BMIs.

Women may not consciously choose to be with tall men because they think they are healthier but think about it – would you want to be with someone that you’re more statistically like to have to take care of later in life?

There are a lot of reasons that women might have a preference for tall men. It might be because she thinks it is what is expected or she might like the way a tall man makes her feel when she is with him.

As with most things, a woman’s attraction to tall men is often at least in part sociological. Ultimately though, there are usually multiple factors that determine her attraction to a man, tall or otherwise.

Written by Autumn Seave

Email: inkyblueallusions@shaw.ca