Why Playing Hard To Get Doesn’t Work With Women Anymore

Why Playing Hard To Get Doesn’t Work With Women Anymore

Men who wanted to get lots of women or even get one specific woman used to rely on the technique of playing hard to get. They would show interest and then purposefully not call right away after she gave him her number. They would deliberately not answer her texts, even if they had time.

This is a game that some men still play but lots of them will notice that it just doesn’t work anymore. Why?

Women Don’t Have Time For Games

Women have busy lives these days. They have careers and social lives and they don’t have time for men who play games. If guys are just going to play games with them that rely on being dishonest and manipulative, women pick it up pretty quickly. They’ll move on to a guy that isn’t a game player so they aren’t wasting their time.

Men who play games are not the type of men that women are looking for. They aren’t the kind of man they want to create a life with and they aren’t the type of person they want to make life choices with.

Women Know What They Want

These days women know exactly what they are looking for. For some of them, they are just looking for a friend with benefits. Others are looking for a life partner. Whatever it is that they want, they are going to tell you straight up and they would much rather you do the same thing.

Women don’t want to waste their time on a man that is going to play hard to get when he knows damn well that she’s the type of woman he wants to be with. If you like her, just answer her texts. Call her. Spend time with her if that’s what you both want.

Women Are Great At Seeing The Real You

Social media makes it super easy for women to see who you really are. Even if you think you have your Facebook account locked down so only your friends can see your posts, there’s likely something you’ve left open. It could be your profile pictures or maybe she can see who your friends are.

You might only post once in a blue moon on Instagram but she’ll look at those pictures and see the things you’re not saying. She’ll see that you never post pictures with family members or she’ll take note that the only pictures you post are with other women.

Through social media, women can find pretty much everything they need to know so there’s no point in playing hard to get. She knows you and the type of person you are.

Women Get Bored Easily

There’s not much that will send women walking in the other direction more than being predictable. And playing games is about as predictable as it gets. Women are tired of men who are always faking it.

Instead of being predictable, try doing the opposite of playing games with her. Don’t play hard to get. Just be real. If you’re interested in her, tell her. When she gives you her phone number, call her if you want to call her. Don’t wait to text her and tell her you had a great time on your date. Just do it!

She’ll Move On To Someone That Doesn’t Play Games

Women aren’t going to spend their time and energy on someone who is just playing games. You’re not the only one who wants her time and attention. For most women, finding men to date isn’t difficult. It’s finding a guy that isn’t trying to be a player and faking his life that is hard!

But if you’re not the guy she wants in her life, if you don’t want to give her the time and attention she deserves, she’ll move on quickly to find someone who is what she wants.

What Can You Do Instead of Playing Hard to Get?

Here’s an idea. Just be real and genuine. Women appreciate that more than you know.

Be Yourself

Instead of being the guy you think she wants, playing games, and playing hard to get, just be who you really are. It might sound like a cliche but it’s really good advice.

If you’re just a guy that loves to geek out on Star Trek and video games, then let her know that. Maybe she is, too! And plus, wouldn’t you rather be with a woman who appreciates you for the person you really are than a woman you’ve won over by playing hard to get and won over through dishonesty?

Play To Your Strengths

What is the best thing about you?

Do you have a great sense of humor? Then make her laugh. Are you really smart? Then wow her with stimulating conversation? Maybe you’re a good cook. If that’s the case, then cook for her! Women love great food!

Women See Right Through Men Who Play Hard To Get

It might be disappointing when a technique that used to work so well like playing hard to get doesn’t work anymore but it’s a fact of life. Women read the same internet articles you do and they know the games you are playing.

They see through every single thing you do. Even before the internet was around, women knew when men were playing games. They talk to each other and they learn what it is that men do to try and get women.

That’s why playing hard to get just doesn’t work at all anymore. Women are smart and observant. They aren’t going to waste their precious time with a guy that plays hard to get and is all about manipulating her to get her to like him.

Instead, she’s looking for a mature man who doesn’t need games to get a woman. She’s looking for a man that is confident in who he is and knows how to go for what he wants.

Written by Autumn Seave

Email: inkyblueallusions@shaw.ca